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Getting Sorted

In a nutshell this is my new blog for 2007.  I have another blog with wordpress and had been toying with the idea of linking two together.  Now that I have started doing it, I think I have created a monster as I have know idea what the hell I am doing.  As a mother of two very boisterous boys, I hardly have the time to scratch myself let alone sit and work things out on the computer, lol, and to top it off it is now school holidays.  I always like a challenge ;).  Oh well its done now and I shall persevere.  Thats my personality, I don’t like to give up :).  The eternal optimist which often lands me in the world of disappointment.  Anyway I shall plod along, a bit like my running really.  I figure I have till the beginning of January to get sorted because that is when I am going to really start building up my distance running and that is what this blog is for.  


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