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 Well, I will be going to Princes Park for a run at some stage today.  Even though I didn’t get much sleep last night, I somehow how feel strangely invigorated!  Now because I missed my run yesterday it means my schedule is slighty out but I am sure in the big picture it is not going to make a difference.  The only thing is though, it means I will have to do one more 4k run before I can start my 5k runs in the new week.  I will have to start 5km on the Wednesday which then means to get back on track I will definitely have to run every 2nd day.  I must admit there are some days when I need 2 days recovery but I will see how I go.  Nothing is written in stone but I did want to keep on track , easier said than done in this household!  At the moment I am feeling really good bodywise so I hope it stays that way.


As you can see I have started my new blog.  I just couldn’t wait another second, lol!  I finally got my tables sorted although I do think the running log could be a little smaller in size.  I not going to worry about it now, I can always fix it later if it really bugs me.  I have been trying to change the size of blog font but I am yet to figure that out.  I think it needs to be a touch bigger especially if you have eyes like mine.  I use to have such perfect vision but that seems to be deteriorating.  I am sure I need glasses :0.

We are off to get some sand for 3year olds sand pit today, really looking forward to that, NOT!  I just know I am going to be cleaning sand up in the house left right and centre but he is going to love it, so thats good and it will keep him occupied for more than 5 minutes hopefully, lol.


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  1. Hey love the new blog- I am too stupid for wordpress. Good luck with the 5km runs next week- you might have to trick yourself into thinking the first km doesn’t exist- it works for me. Have a happy new blog (year!)

  2. Lee, I am suitably impressed with the blog!!

    You know with the sand pit, all he needs is one of those sit on diggers. You know with levers to move a bucket and pick up the sand to put it in another pile. Cool!! I wish I was three.

  3. Nice blog! And good luck on your run… at least it’s a nice day for it.

  4. Blog looks good Lee. I hope you got out for your run today before it warms up too much, every bit helps. I enjoyed a run this morning from Fawkner and then to the St Kilda Beach, a beautiful morning, so I hope you got around Princes Park.

    All the best

    Stu was here!

  5. I’m loving all this new wordpress stuff – I’ve actually found that it’s motivated me a little bit more! But that could have something to do with posting pretty google earth pictures lol

    Hope you got out to PP for that run!

  6. Try reducing the Cellpadding. It’s currently on 8, so maybe change it to 5. That’ll reduce the size of the cell.

    And I love the look of your new blog. Hopefully lots more people will move over to WordPress. It’s just so easy to use!

  7. Ahh, I love this wordpress revolution 🙂

    Good to see you sorted those tables, they are pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    If I find the font on a web page too small I go to my browser toolbar and make the text bigger. For Safari (Mac) it is under “view” and you can select Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller. There is a similar feature in IE and Firefox. It does not change the text on the original page, just makes it easier for you to view.

    Now, I KNOW you can do that 15.2Km, you have a whole 3 months.

  8. Thanks for all your replies 🙂 One very happy munchkin here!

    Jaykay, thanks for the suggestion, I have done it and am much happier with the look of the table now 🙂

    Also thanks Em, I can do that with my lap top so I will give it a whirl next entry 🙂

    I don’t know, all you computer savy girls out there are leaving me to shame, lol! I have to say though I love wordpress. It is really elegant looking and I find it user friendly. Thanks Em for taking the plunge so the rest of us could see the light 😉

  9. Yes, the exodus continues! Have to say, I really like the look, but it all seems like too much hard work to change over right now! Maybe next year! Opps, thats less than 24hrs away!!
    I hear ya about the sandpit, my 7yr old still loves hers, but it can get messy! Some days I just can’t be bothered sweeping it up afterwards and just hose it away under the fence instead!!

    MAR. 🙂

  10. Lee you don’t have to worry about your RSS feed, it works just fine 🙂

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