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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!  Just thought I would pop in because after all it is the 1st January, 2007!!  Can you believe it??  Where does the time go??  


Not running today but I did go out on Saturday, nuff said about that!!  I did 4k but struggled due to the heat.  I have to somehow get out earlier or I am going to fall flat on my face.  Lol, I kept thing of Celeste running in her extreme conditions and I think that was what kept me going, talk about me being a wuzz!!  At least I got the 4k in I guess but I was disappointed because the previous 4k felt great.  I will be running again tomorrow, the last 4k before I up it to 5k.


We are off to my Mother and Father in-laws for New Years Day celebrations today.  We do it every year and this will be the last pig out before I start cracking down to get this pesky 3kg off.  I have to say though I don’t feel very motivated at all to start watching the food intake being school hols and all.  I always find it really hard because we are in total relax mode.  I have started my 12 week Body Blitz with Calorie King so we will see how I go.  Anyone thats interested, CK is now free.  You use to have to pay for membership.  It was dirt cheap, about $24 for the year and I find it really helpful especially if you want to keep track on exactly how much you are eating in terms of protein, carbs etc, not to mention calories.

Have a great New Years Day everyone and I hope no one is nursing a hang over.  Aaaahhh, remember those days 😉 , lol!


Comments on: "Happy New Year" (3)

  1. LOL!!! The fact that I can inspire you is just funny! No excuses any more, girl!!! Just don’t go out when it’s TOO hot, we’re only human. If it’s over 35, I stay inside. I may live in the desert but I aint schtooopid. 🙂

  2. Happy new year & good luck with the blitz!

  3. Good luck with the 3kg- nothing like the New Year to kick start the exercise/ dieting – lets hope we all maintain it!

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