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Always An Ache Somewhere

rambling about running

Today when I was running at Princes Park I was feeling a little disgruntled because everytime I run, I seem to have a niggle somewhere.  It is really starting to annoy me as I know cardiowise I am fine.  How long is it going to take before I can just run??  Will the aches/discomfort ever go??  Maybe I started this caper too late in my life??

After a good 10minute walk, I started running and felt a pain at the side of right hip radiating down and a little tightness in hamstring.  So I stopped running and stretched the areas at the 1/2k mark.  Felt a little better but was still there so I stretched areas again at 1km mark.  Eventually it all settled so I continued running and completed my 4km run.  My sciatica, the pain in the ball of my foot is still there and dare I say it, but my knee has become niggly again.  I think my lower body is always struggling and I don’t quite know how to fix it.  I know that all the left hand side issues are related to my over pronating and my new shoes and orthotics will hopefully sort that out but I just don’t know.  I have started taking glucosamine and calcium again yesterday.  I stopped because I just forgot to take them and then got out of the swing.  My body feels as though it is full of arthritis and is just not flexible enough.  I don’t know what the answers are but I will just keep going.  I think I may repeat another 4km before moving up to 5km and see how it feels, and maybe I should run every 2nd day instead of every 3rd day.

Sorry about negative ramble but I am just trying to process it all in my head 😉


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  1. Don’t stress – I know exactly where you are coming from. What you need is a good sports massage therapist. It wasn’t until after I started seeing Easy Tiger that all the kinks started to get ironed out. One of my (many) new year resolutions is to also spend longer stretching (I tend to rely on the massage to do it for me 🙄 ), 20 mins a day while watching the telly. I reckon if you can combine the two on a regular basis it’ll all be goooooood. I found with various niggles I’d over compensate and then that would start something else off niggling etc, etc, blah, blah, niggle ouch

    So, in summation – massage is gud, treat yourself

  2. Watching telly real means “whislt BB is cooking dinner and I stand and watch” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  3. I know about inflexibility! I often wonder if I improved my flexibility whether my speed would improve. I stretch after I run, but in all honesty I have no idea what I am doing. I can’t touch my toes and I’d like to be able to.

  4. I have noticed that I often feel better running after I’ve done some yoga. I’ve got a couple of dvds that I do and even doing a short (10 min) yoga session, feel a lot more loose when I’m running.

    It might be worth trying if you can fit it in around the kids.

  5. I often feel likethis too – put it down to old age. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Chi Running from Amazon which Sharon is reading now – it is supposed to offer a way of running injury and pain free. I also am getting good value from the massage stick I bought a while back on Em’s recommendation, I find a self-massage with it each night seems to be helping to loosen me up a bit.

  6. Hang in there Lee. Its true that one niggly thing leads to another and you can feel like you are stuck on an “injury train” unable to get off…
    I am taking the advice of going to a sports massage therapist – just as soon as they all get back from holidays!
    Hope you find something that works for you soon, the shoes/orths will obviously help, just need a little time, but also that is only part of the equation. Flexibility is another big issue. Despite stretching, I am still rather inflexible. Evidently some people “just are” !
    Chin up, but I know how you feel.


  7. I have similar issues with referred pain from my hip right down to my toes. The nerve pains turns up all over the place like an evil jack in the box. Apparently there is a nerve that runs right through and up into the back. My sports massage did help relieve this. I stretch my foot down and across, and it is often sore on the outside. For my knee pain I find that ITB massage is much more effective than hamstring stretches (I can reach past my toes and hold onto my feet) Also keeping my ilio tibial band loose with a rolling pin, brings some relief. My knee taping enables to walk about 45 minutes each day. I can’t run atm.

  8. Lee, I have only just started Chi Running but it is really helping me to learn to relax while running as you know how prone to injury I am.

    I hope you find some relief soon. The massage idea is great


  9. Poor Lee… :o( but hang in there… I agree with Beki that massage helps sooo much, I hope it does wonders for you too :o) keep doing what you are doing, don’t get too disheartened, it will come right.

    All my runs lately have been around Princes Park, so that I can run before going home, if I spot you out there I’ll be sure to say hallo and lend some encouragement :o) if ever you’ve seen someone looking looking absolutely cream crackered but perservering, and with a beetroot red face then that’s me! :o)


  10. PS. Like the new blog and happy new year! :o)

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