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The SiS Course


We arranged to catch up with RJ and her family for a weber yesterday and decided to take the opportunity to go for a run.  We chose to run the SiS track which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed and we ended up running 4.5km finishing off half way up Anderson Street hill. I actually had a warm fuzzy feeling at the end as I know I could have conquered the whole hill but had decided to run only for 30minutes so had to leave it at that.  I have to say though I was really tempted!!  We finished off  by walking around the rest of the Tan track.  It was a really good run and it felt great to have someone to chat to.  Bodywise everything felt ok during run but I have the same niggles today and I have that pain radiating down the side of right thigh from hip again.  Could it be ITB???  Anyway, we were both pretty pleased with our efforts, me because the last run was so bad pain/achewise and RJ because she hadn’t ran in over a month.  It was good to encourage each other. 

Today I have done heaps of stretching as well as my resistance/weights exercises and also applied ice to my knee.  I am really hoping everything feels ok tomorrow as I really want to run again.  According to forecast it looks as though it is going to be a beautiful day, so here’s hoping 🙂


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  1. A weber? What the heck is a weber? Hope there’s no ITB injury in your niggles. Take it easy!

  2. Celeste, lmao, its a barbeque kettle! You can cook all sorts in it, yum, yum 🙂

  3. I was about to ask the same question!!

    Glad you had a great run Lee – its just such a good feeling isn’t it. Nice to have someone to run with too – I wish I had company more often. Not all the time, but more often…


  4. Did you weber before or after the run? If you ran afterwards, I’m not surprised you had niggles.

    I have a weber too, but I’ve never heard the word used a verb. “I weber”, “you weber” “he webers” “we weber”. Hmmmm, I like it.

    Weber v. to spend 45 minutes heating up a big kettle and before burning the meat in 2.4 seconds.

  5. JH, pmsl 😆 I can see where you are coming from 45mins versus 2.4sec but we actually cooked a beautiful leg of lamb, jacket potatoes and pumpkin in it. The best bit was the husbands were looking after the kids and the weber while we were running 🙂

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