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Conquered the Hill

I had planned to run early today to beat the heat but due to the pesky school holidays it didn’t happen 😦  I decided that there was no way I was going to miss out on run today so I arranged with a reluctant RJ to meet at the Tan at 7.30pm.  I say reluctant because she rang me at 6.30pm to inform me the temperature was almost 36 degrees!!  Well, I decided I was doing it whether it was hail, heat or smoke 😆 because I just couldn’t go off track, so if she wanted to meet me I would be there.  She is such a trooper and decided to meet me there.

I had planned do 4.5km and assess how I felt and maybe push through to the 5km.  Well, I only managed one lap of Tan but I did conquer the Anderson Street hill.  I don’t know why I ever felt intimidated by that hill because I honestly felt strong going up it.  I was wishing I had deeges hat with “Bring it On” when I started it.  I swear that is exactly how I felt!!  Just the damn heat caught me out a bit at about the 2.5km mark.  I was so damn thirsty and had stopped for a quick drink and then got a stitch.  Although the stitch passed quickly, by the time I did one lap I was sort of happy with that because I had conquered the hill!  Two things I have learnt about myself, I definitely run better in the morning and not so great in the heat.   

RJ having the foresight to think about how we might feel at the end, had bought along ice water and big wet icy towel.  Now that was bliss and well worth the effort of the short hot run!  We have tentatively scheduled another run on Friday evening at the Tan again, hopefully I will be able to move the legs by then after today’s Anderson Street hill effort 😉


Comments on: "Conquered the Hill" (7)

  1. Well done on conquering that hil – it is a killer !

  2. Nice going. Esp in the heat yesterday. I got out for a run at 8.30 and it was stinking hot then!

  3. Great effort getting out in that heat- I only managed a walk!

  4. Yeah, that heat is a bugger! I’ve never run on the Tan so I know nothing about Anderson St hill but if you are impressed with your run, then I am suitably impressed too!!!

  5. I too ran at 7:30pm last night and out here in the Hoppers area it was still 35+, whilst I cruised to ensure that I didn’t ver do it, I did find myself very dry…I think it was associated with the very low humidity.

    Well done on Anderson St, you’ll be doing reps of it sooner rather than later!

    Stu was here

  6. Well done Lee, and “bring it on”. You will be kicking but at the Portsea Twilight in 2008 for sure.

  7. Pish Tosh, says Lee, what Hill, she now laugh’s in the face of Anderson Street.

    I think people have turned into into a bit of a monster and you have discovered like so many of us before that it just ‘aint that bad.

    Well done on another milestone.

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