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I have finally reached the golden 5km 🙂  I met RJ at the Tan again last night about 5ish.  We started running just before the Morrell Bridge and completed the 4km loop.  I finished off an extra Km by going over the Morrell Bridge again and over Swan Street Bridge.  RJ finished at the 6km mark, show off 😉  My knee and right hip were starting to niggle slightly during the last km but today I feel great.  Yiipppeeee!!  I think at last my old bod has realised I am not going to give up.  It feels as though everything is finally settling, the pain in the ball of my foot, my knee and hip niggles, what a geriatric!   Even though I have been persisting with runs, I wasn’t sure if I could ever build up distance.  I have to say I am feeling pretty confident I will get there.

I am going to stick to 5km for a couple of more runs until I don’t have the hip and knee niggle while running, and then I will increase to 6km.  According to my schedule I should have been starting to build long run to 6km on Sunday but thats ok, I am so over the moon that I am where I am and feeling at last confident that I am going to be able to do this.  I am so glad I got my orthotics 🙂


Last night when I got home from run, my mobile rang and it was my sister who was totally hysterical because my dear Dad, who has Alzheimer’s, was found on his motorised scooter on the Polly Farmer Freeway totally disorientated 😦  It’s about a 20minute drive from his house.  He was all dressed up with a large wad of money but had know idea where he was going.  The police took Dad and his scooter home to my sister.  It is so upsetting to think about it and of course, we started talking about whether we should place him somewhere.  I can’t believe I went home to Perth in November and my sisters and I decided that to take him out of the family home would not be the right choice, then something like this happens and we are all freaking out again!!  Life can be so hard sometimes.


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  1. Well done on the run.

    Your poor dad. Things like that are so upsetting. My Nan just had to go into a home which was really hard on my mum and the rest of the family but it’s better that she gets the care she needs.

  2. Congratulations Lee! That’s great news and I’m sure it’s really motivating for you too – now just to get you to the magic 10k 😉

  3. Well done on reaching 5km, and I’m glad the leg niggles are not too bad … mine seem to be getting better too (fingers crossed). And easier said than done, but don’t let the news about your dad upset you too much.

  4. Yay Yay! 5km!!

    My grandmother had Alzheimers. It is a terrible disease. So degrading for the person. At the end my grandmother didn’t even recognise my mother, her daughter. However, she managed to live independently until the end. She needed lots of visits from family, but she seemed able to do most of the basics herself. Harder for the family, I think.

  5. That’s great Lee, 5Km

    I think it is very brave and commendable of your sister to keep your father at home, it can’t be easy.

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