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Zipped down to the Tan this afternoon and did another 5km run including “the hill”:)  I must admit I was nervous when I approached it as I thought to myself what if I just fluked it the other day?  Well I can officially say, I am able to do that hill.

I am not sure what to do now as I have now completed two 5km runs, 1st one with niggles, 2nd one no problem at all.  I am thinking when I go for another run on Tuesday that maybe I should try 6km and then that will get me back on track.  My plan is to do two runs a week at 5km increasing the 3rd by 1km a week.  I really want to get back on track so I can do the 8km Zoo run but I know I have to be sensible.  Maybe I need to do one more 5km???  I guess it wouldn’t hurt my schedule to much, lol!

I am feeling so dang happy about my running at the moment.  I can’t believe just a couple of weeks ago I was whinging about aches and pains and then just like that I seemed to have turned the corner.  I will still look into Massage Therapy though, as soon as these pesky school holidays are out the way.


After a good feed and lots of fluids my Dad returned “to normal”.  The next day when my sister popped in he had cleaned his whole house and was out the front raking the leaves.  That is the problem right there!!  He copes really well at home in his environment so to take him out of that and put him in some kind of “home” would be a disaster for him.  For us it would be peace of mind but he would not be happy at all, so I think at this stage, because he hates walking distances, we are going to take a spark plug out of the dang scooter so he can’t go scooting no more!!


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  1. Congrats on another 5K – so great that you are loving the running right now.

  2. That’s great about the running.

  3. Lee its so great to hear you so positive about your running! Like you say, just a few short weeks ago it felt like all doom and gloom – for the both of us – then suddenly it all seems to come right and fall into place! Yay us!
    It must be hard in the heat, but good on you for being so determined. Just remember to listen to your body, don’t increase unless you feel ready, but if all is feeling ok, go for it. Stick to the plan, it should be well structured and will get you to the Zoo run.

    Sad about your Dad, it must be really hard, esp when you are far away and like you say, when it is such an inconsistant thing that it is hard to know what is best.

    Take care, MAR.

  4. Sounds like your running recently really has those little endorphins dashing around inside !! Great to hear you so positive about running again.

  5. Good work on the hill- I feel like I will never conquer it. Hope your Dad stays put instead of going out for an adventure. It is a very hard decision to move him from his home.

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