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Lunges for Breakfast


I swear to God I asked my 8 year old son this morning if he would like lunges for breakfast!!!  My mind is totally on R4K at the moment and I had been thinking of more ways to get this bod stronger in preparation for distance, lmao!

I had intended to go for a run this evening with RJ but I have pulled the pin.  It is so dang hot today and as much as my body is screaming out to run, I don’t think it would be enjoyable at all.  That sun is pelting.  I am also a bit tired today as I didn’t sleep very well last night.  So we have arranged to go tomorrow which means I will still be able to do my three runs for the week as scheduled.

I have entered R4K and I am so excited about doing this I can hardly wait.  I was getting my knickers in a knot about not quite being up to distance on the day, but my “trusty internet pals”, ausrunners :), have put me at ease and now I just cannot wait.  I have no time expectations, I just want to complete it.

Well, thats my post for today I am now going to sit in front of airconditioner with fan blowing and watch Zathura with the kids.  Oh and by the way, my son didn’t want lunges for breakfast he was quite happy with toast 😆

Comments on: "Lunges for Breakfast" (3)

  1. Oh no, not lunges for breakfast again Mum, can’t I have coco pops like all the other kids?
    You will be fine for the R4K- I did it last year terribly unprepared and it was fantastic and well worth it!

  2. Ughh, way too hot, in fact it would be down right dangerous to head out there for a run today.

    No running for me today either 😦

  3. Seems like most of us were sensible and didn’t run yesterday – I felt sorry for those poor tennin players at the Aus Open.

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