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Hot and Sultry


Hot and sultry all right, not me, the weather!!  I ran 5km down at Princes Park tonight about 8pm and boy was it humid.  When I finished I was sweating badly, especially my head and I didn’t even have my cap on.  Not very ladylike at all.  I was so glad I did it though, it is always a great feeling when you push through and finish 🙂

I don’t know if it is just me but I have to say, now that I have been using different tracks and doing a bit of street running, I have found that I always seem to struggle a bit on the Princes Park surface???   I don’t know if it is just a psychological thing or if it is in fact harder to run on.  I would much rather run 4km at the The Tan than do 3km at Princes Park and having said that, I also like running on paved and bitumen surfaces even though I know those surfaces are harder on the legs.  Its quite interesting really.

I entered the Sunset Series 8km Zoo Run today.  I am really looking forward to this run as it sounds as though it will be quite nice.  Today when I was at Carlton Baths putting in my entry, I spotted entry forms for “Race the Boat”.  It’s a Fun Run to raise stroke awareness and to encourage people to get fit and healthy.  I have nursed many a patient who have suffered from stroke and had to travel down the road of rehabilitation and lifestyle changes.  Very sad and hard.  I am going to think about doing the 10km run as it is a really worthy cause and I think it would be quite a fun one to do especially if you get your family on one of the river boats 🙂  


Comments on: "Hot and Sultry" (3)

  1. I might see you at the zoo- though I am holding off entering until the day – both work and the weather are a bit unstable at the moment!

  2. I’ve entered the Zoo run too – hopefully will meet up with a few Ausrunners on the night. I’m also thinking about the Beat the Boat too.

  3. I sympathise, it was horribly humid on Friday afternoon.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Zoo 🙂

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