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I am starting to get really down in the dumps as I have been unable to escape the evil clutches of my family and go for run since Friday!!  Thats why in the past I have alway hated training regimes because I can never stick to them because “things get in the way”.  One thing I am good at doing is plotting, thinking, plotting when I can’t get out.

What have I been plotting??  Well for one, I am going to increase one of my runs 1/2km, not the long run, the first run of the week as I think I am capable of doing a little more, (thanks Em 🙂 ), another thing I am going to do is buy a Spin Bike to have at home so I can at least jump on that and get rid of some of this pent up can’t get out for run energy.  Fitness First have a warehouse where they sell pre-owned equipment so I am going to go and have a look at them at some stage and hopefully pick one up.  The final thing I have been seriously thinking and I have been for a long time, is getting down to the Coburg Harriers for some training.  They have it on a Thursday night starting at 6pm for about an hour and a half, I so want to do this it is not funny.  Once again, sorry to whinge, its the family that gets in the way of this, but I am going to try and do it.  Maybe I could put the kids in the boot for that time……just joking honestly 😆 !!!!

I may be able to go for a run later this evening and I am aiming to go down to the Tan and do a 5.5km run, fingers bloody crossed yet again!


Comments on: "Plotting" (4)

  1. Such a bummer! I guess the main thing is keep the regime flexible.

    Btw. i think it would be far more humane to tie the kids to a tree – just tell them you’re playing pirates 😉

  2. It is so depressing when things conspire against you and stop you exercising. I think it is so much harder for you running mums too. Hope you find the time for that run.

  3. Hey, hope you got out for a run as planned. Surely you could just lock the kids in the car at the Casino?????

  4. It must be tough trying to juggle a young family and find some “you” time.

    The spin bike sounds like a brilliant idea, I was addicted to spin when I first decided to get fit (before I discovered running), maybe you will be able to pick up a spin DVD to help you out, if such a thing exists.

    And definitely get yourself down to Coburg, joining a running group was simply the best decision I ever made 🙂

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