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Bittersweet Pill


Well I finally got out for my run last night after four long days of no running.  I went to the Tan and completed 4km and then walked one lap.  It was a great run.  I only did 4km because I am going down to Coburg Harriers tonight for a training run, yikes!!   I have never ran two consecutive days before and I was also feeling a little sore from weight and core exercises I had done the night before so I didn’t want to go too crazy.  I was feeling so great and happy but it all came crashing down when I returned to my car to find it had been broken into!!! Needless to say the scumbags had stolen my new 5 day old mobile phone (old phone had to be replaced after it fell out of my pocket and broke when I was in hot pursuit of 3 year old running towards road), my change purse and house keys.  I could not bloody believe it!!!  Where do they get off honestly??  Initially I was so stressed about the phone because of all the numbers on it and of course them using it.  I drove home like a bat out of hell and cancelled sim card but then I started thinking about my house keys.  What if they track me down and break in??  I didn’t have any ID in the car whatsoever but you just don’t know.  Why would they bother with keys?  I started thinking they could have followed me home to find out where I live.  I have a great imagination once I get started 🙂  So we are trying to decided whether we need to change the locks on house today.  The bloody annoying part is I don’t usually don’t take my house keys as I don’t really need them.  I don’t know what possessed me to take them last night but I am so kicking myself!!!

Anyway enough of that crap!  I ended up heading down to Fitness First in Richmond yesterday with hubby and co to look at the 2nd hand bikes they have there for sale.  I ended up picking one up for $275 which I am more than happy with.  Its a good solid Repco studio cycle bike (spin) which we were able to fit in boot once handle bars and seat were removed.  Easy peasy!!  No more whinging when I can’t get outdoors to run, well maybe still a little 😉  I now have my weights, thera-resistance band and bike.  I been thinking about what to concentrate on at gym when I return and I am going to start doing the Pilates, Yoga and Body Balance classes.  

I am off to Pod on Saturday as I still have the left ball of foot niggle amongst others. I have also been experiencing a little tenderness in achilles at times.  I am ok while running its just afterwards.  Hope he can get me sorted real soon 🙂

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  1. Bad luck about the phone- I had mine stolen from around there. Make sure you report it though- you never know when it might be located. I wouldn’t worry about anyone finding your house- your average thief who breaks into cars isn’t likely to follow up with a burglary.
    Hope your foot gets better.

  2. Those rotten whatsits … sad this society we live in isn’t it. At least the running seems to be going well. I’ve been parking my car at my gym in the city when I run the Tan, and was thinking I should park down closer … I think I’ll leave it at the gym.

  3. Thats crap news Lee – how very annoying and intrusive.

    Good news about the bike tho, and your runs getting longer and stronger. I agree that running on paved areas feels much easier, but like you say, not good impact wise. I hate running on grass and avoid it at all costs, even tho I know I should be seeking it out. Soft tracks and trails are great and lovely, but harder on the ankles and takes more energy and effort, but the scenery usually makes up for it I find!

    Laughed about the “lunges for breakfast” ! Classic! And the bit about looking in shop windows! I hate seeing (most) photos of me running for the same reason!!

    Keep it going, MAR.

  4. That really sux Lee, I’m sorry that happened to you. I hope they didn’t do too much damage to your car.

    Hope you had a good night at Coburg, looking forward to hearing all about it.

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