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Met RJ at the the Tan this morning and the plan was to do 7km.  Must say it felt a little weird going back to the scene of the crime!  We started running down Alexandra Road crossed over the Morrel Bridge and continued down towards Federation Square.  We crossed the Princes Bridge and decided we would continue down St Kilda Road, go down Domain Rd and finish around the Tan.  It was a really nice morning for running, no sun and a cool wind, although it was strong at times, I enjoyed it.  Running down St Kilda Road was really good.  I finished feeling quite comfortable in myself.  Had a little niggle in the back of left calf which I think was from overstretching the day before.  It was ok once I got into run.

I pulled up really well after Coburg Harriers session on Thursday night which was a relief as I thought I would be really stiff and sore.  My appointment on Saturday with Pod was encouraging.  He was really happy with my progress as it has only been about 4-5 weeks since I started solid running after wearing orthotics in.  He has given me some exercises for the pain in the ball of foot and other instructions.  

I have to try and figure out how to fit the Coburg Harriers sessions into my original plan.  I don’t know if I count that as one of my runs because it is a bit of a mixture of running and recovery, hills and circuit loops of speed running if that makes sense??    I have also mentioned somewhere before I had intended to introduce a forth run every two weeks.  Oh well, the thinking cap will have to go back on.  I just so do not want to overdo it in all the excitement of finally feeling on track.  One thing I am extremely happy about is the fact that I will be able to make the 8km distance a the Zoo run.  I don’t really give a hoot about the time, ok maybe a little, but I am just so grateful that I am running!!! 


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  1. You sure can count those sessions as one of your runs. Just add a couple of Kms as a warm up and another couple as a cool down and there you have it!

    My interval session always include about 4Kms warm up and 1 to 2Kms cool down.

  2. I’m glad you plucked up the courage to join a club! I can’t wait, but I still haven’t joined one yet. I’m not sure why not… I’ve just gotta do it!

  3. Hi Lee,

    You asked about my training regime… well it is one I have drawn up myself to get me to the start of the R4K in a slowish build up sort of way. I will post it on my blog tomorrow so that you can have a look 😀

    Well done for joining a club – I’d never be brave enough to do that. It sounds like it was a really good session 🙂 btw, with regards your foot, did you want me to check out the Trigger Point book? I could do like I did with MAR and scan the relevant bit for you?


  4. Don’t worry about your time at the zoo. If you’re slow you can just blame it on the monkeys or something.

    I blamed my time last year on the single-file sections. Yeah right. As if I really wanted to overtake the guy in front of me!

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