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Top of the World – Not!


To say I am annoyed with myself would be an slight understatement 😈 I have niggles, yep, they are bloody well back!! I thought I had kissed them good-bye forever. I was on the mend this cannot be happening 😯

Last week I had an awesome week of training.  I completed 4km on Wednesday night, attended Coburg Harrier session on the Thursday night and increased my Sunday run to 7km.  Also did my bike and weights.  Now where did I go wrong??   Ok, I don’t usually run consecutive days (even though I did only do 4km instead of 5km for that very reason), Coburg Harriers session………hills, speed and a few runs, even though I estimated 5km all up it could have been more and it was a different kind of running to what I am use to.  Finally, the increase to 7km, maybe too much because of Harriers session. 

So, what do I do now??  First of all I am resting, icing and wearing damn runners day in and day out with orthotics in them.  In terms of my training, I am in two minds as to which way to go.  I do not want to give up Harrier sessions but I don’t think it would be wise to go this week and next week, I have the 8km Zoo run on the Wednesday so it would be too much to go on the Thursday session.  Should I just go back to what I was doing before?  It seemed to be working out really well but as I said I don’t really want to give up Harriers.  I am rambling I know but I am distressed 😆

If I don’t get sorted, I am not going to make it to R4K, aagghhhhh!!!!  Help 😦


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  1. Lee my heart goes out to you. My suggest FWIW is to sacrifice whatever you need to to get rid of the niggles once and for all. If that means sacrificing a run and resting – then rest!!! We want you running for the R4K, not watching from the sidelines!!!

    But I guess the first thing should be to work out what is causing the niggles.

  2. Racing on Wednesday means recovery on Thu, not probably a good idea to be doing a quality session. Remembering my running fitness is slightly different, slightly shorter LR Sunday, recovery 10k Monday, Tue 3-4km w/up and then some mid paced 200s, Wed race, Thu a 3-4k w/up followed by a light track session.

    It is too easy to think you can get away with a quality sesiion after a race, this is the time that injuries happen!

    See ya at the Zoo

  3. Lee, the other advice I was given a while back that helped me, was to rotate shoes, that is, don’t run consecutive days in the same pair. Not sure if you’re already doing that, but I just thought I’d mention it.

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