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Lunges for Breakfast


I swear to God I asked my 8 year old son this morning if he would like lunges for breakfast!!!  My mind is totally on R4K at the moment and I had been thinking of more ways to get this bod stronger in preparation for distance, lmao!

I had intended to go for a run this evening with RJ but I have pulled the pin.  It is so dang hot today and as much as my body is screaming out to run, I don’t think it would be enjoyable at all.  That sun is pelting.  I am also a bit tired today as I didn’t sleep very well last night.  So we have arranged to go tomorrow which means I will still be able to do my three runs for the week as scheduled.

I have entered R4K and I am so excited about doing this I can hardly wait.  I was getting my knickers in a knot about not quite being up to distance on the day, but my “trusty internet pals”, ausrunners :), have put me at ease and now I just cannot wait.  I have no time expectations, I just want to complete it.

Well, thats my post for today I am now going to sit in front of airconditioner with fan blowing and watch Zathura with the kids.  Oh and by the way, my son didn’t want lunges for breakfast he was quite happy with toast 😆




Zipped down to the Tan this afternoon and did another 5km run including “the hill”:)  I must admit I was nervous when I approached it as I thought to myself what if I just fluked it the other day?  Well I can officially say, I am able to do that hill.

I am not sure what to do now as I have now completed two 5km runs, 1st one with niggles, 2nd one no problem at all.  I am thinking when I go for another run on Tuesday that maybe I should try 6km and then that will get me back on track.  My plan is to do two runs a week at 5km increasing the 3rd by 1km a week.  I really want to get back on track so I can do the 8km Zoo run but I know I have to be sensible.  Maybe I need to do one more 5km???  I guess it wouldn’t hurt my schedule to much, lol!

I am feeling so dang happy about my running at the moment.  I can’t believe just a couple of weeks ago I was whinging about aches and pains and then just like that I seemed to have turned the corner.  I will still look into Massage Therapy though, as soon as these pesky school holidays are out the way.


After a good feed and lots of fluids my Dad returned “to normal”.  The next day when my sister popped in he had cleaned his whole house and was out the front raking the leaves.  That is the problem right there!!  He copes really well at home in his environment so to take him out of that and put him in some kind of “home” would be a disaster for him.  For us it would be peace of mind but he would not be happy at all, so I think at this stage, because he hates walking distances, we are going to take a spark plug out of the dang scooter so he can’t go scooting no more!!



I have finally reached the golden 5km 🙂  I met RJ at the Tan again last night about 5ish.  We started running just before the Morrell Bridge and completed the 4km loop.  I finished off an extra Km by going over the Morrell Bridge again and over Swan Street Bridge.  RJ finished at the 6km mark, show off 😉  My knee and right hip were starting to niggle slightly during the last km but today I feel great.  Yiipppeeee!!  I think at last my old bod has realised I am not going to give up.  It feels as though everything is finally settling, the pain in the ball of my foot, my knee and hip niggles, what a geriatric!   Even though I have been persisting with runs, I wasn’t sure if I could ever build up distance.  I have to say I am feeling pretty confident I will get there.

I am going to stick to 5km for a couple of more runs until I don’t have the hip and knee niggle while running, and then I will increase to 6km.  According to my schedule I should have been starting to build long run to 6km on Sunday but thats ok, I am so over the moon that I am where I am and feeling at last confident that I am going to be able to do this.  I am so glad I got my orthotics 🙂


Last night when I got home from run, my mobile rang and it was my sister who was totally hysterical because my dear Dad, who has Alzheimer’s, was found on his motorised scooter on the Polly Farmer Freeway totally disorientated 😦  It’s about a 20minute drive from his house.  He was all dressed up with a large wad of money but had know idea where he was going.  The police took Dad and his scooter home to my sister.  It is so upsetting to think about it and of course, we started talking about whether we should place him somewhere.  I can’t believe I went home to Perth in November and my sisters and I decided that to take him out of the family home would not be the right choice, then something like this happens and we are all freaking out again!!  Life can be so hard sometimes.

Conquered the Hill

I had planned to run early today to beat the heat but due to the pesky school holidays it didn’t happen 😦  I decided that there was no way I was going to miss out on run today so I arranged with a reluctant RJ to meet at the Tan at 7.30pm.  I say reluctant because she rang me at 6.30pm to inform me the temperature was almost 36 degrees!!  Well, I decided I was doing it whether it was hail, heat or smoke 😆 because I just couldn’t go off track, so if she wanted to meet me I would be there.  She is such a trooper and decided to meet me there.

I had planned do 4.5km and assess how I felt and maybe push through to the 5km.  Well, I only managed one lap of Tan but I did conquer the Anderson Street hill.  I don’t know why I ever felt intimidated by that hill because I honestly felt strong going up it.  I was wishing I had deeges hat with “Bring it On” when I started it.  I swear that is exactly how I felt!!  Just the damn heat caught me out a bit at about the 2.5km mark.  I was so damn thirsty and had stopped for a quick drink and then got a stitch.  Although the stitch passed quickly, by the time I did one lap I was sort of happy with that because I had conquered the hill!  Two things I have learnt about myself, I definitely run better in the morning and not so great in the heat.   

RJ having the foresight to think about how we might feel at the end, had bought along ice water and big wet icy towel.  Now that was bliss and well worth the effort of the short hot run!  We have tentatively scheduled another run on Friday evening at the Tan again, hopefully I will be able to move the legs by then after today’s Anderson Street hill effort 😉

The SiS Course


We arranged to catch up with RJ and her family for a weber yesterday and decided to take the opportunity to go for a run.  We chose to run the SiS track which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed and we ended up running 4.5km finishing off half way up Anderson Street hill. I actually had a warm fuzzy feeling at the end as I know I could have conquered the whole hill but had decided to run only for 30minutes so had to leave it at that.  I have to say though I was really tempted!!  We finished off  by walking around the rest of the Tan track.  It was a really good run and it felt great to have someone to chat to.  Bodywise everything felt ok during run but I have the same niggles today and I have that pain radiating down the side of right thigh from hip again.  Could it be ITB???  Anyway, we were both pretty pleased with our efforts, me because the last run was so bad pain/achewise and RJ because she hadn’t ran in over a month.  It was good to encourage each other. 

Today I have done heaps of stretching as well as my resistance/weights exercises and also applied ice to my knee.  I am really hoping everything feels ok tomorrow as I really want to run again.  According to forecast it looks as though it is going to be a beautiful day, so here’s hoping 🙂

Always An Ache Somewhere

rambling about running

Today when I was running at Princes Park I was feeling a little disgruntled because everytime I run, I seem to have a niggle somewhere.  It is really starting to annoy me as I know cardiowise I am fine.  How long is it going to take before I can just run??  Will the aches/discomfort ever go??  Maybe I started this caper too late in my life??

After a good 10minute walk, I started running and felt a pain at the side of right hip radiating down and a little tightness in hamstring.  So I stopped running and stretched the areas at the 1/2k mark.  Felt a little better but was still there so I stretched areas again at 1km mark.  Eventually it all settled so I continued running and completed my 4km run.  My sciatica, the pain in the ball of my foot is still there and dare I say it, but my knee has become niggly again.  I think my lower body is always struggling and I don’t quite know how to fix it.  I know that all the left hand side issues are related to my over pronating and my new shoes and orthotics will hopefully sort that out but I just don’t know.  I have started taking glucosamine and calcium again yesterday.  I stopped because I just forgot to take them and then got out of the swing.  My body feels as though it is full of arthritis and is just not flexible enough.  I don’t know what the answers are but I will just keep going.  I think I may repeat another 4km before moving up to 5km and see how it feels, and maybe I should run every 2nd day instead of every 3rd day.

Sorry about negative ramble but I am just trying to process it all in my head 😉

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!  Just thought I would pop in because after all it is the 1st January, 2007!!  Can you believe it??  Where does the time go??  


Not running today but I did go out on Saturday, nuff said about that!!  I did 4k but struggled due to the heat.  I have to somehow get out earlier or I am going to fall flat on my face.  Lol, I kept thing of Celeste running in her extreme conditions and I think that was what kept me going, talk about me being a wuzz!!  At least I got the 4k in I guess but I was disappointed because the previous 4k felt great.  I will be running again tomorrow, the last 4k before I up it to 5k.


We are off to my Mother and Father in-laws for New Years Day celebrations today.  We do it every year and this will be the last pig out before I start cracking down to get this pesky 3kg off.  I have to say though I don’t feel very motivated at all to start watching the food intake being school hols and all.  I always find it really hard because we are in total relax mode.  I have started my 12 week Body Blitz with Calorie King so we will see how I go.  Anyone thats interested, CK is now free.  You use to have to pay for membership.  It was dirt cheap, about $24 for the year and I find it really helpful especially if you want to keep track on exactly how much you are eating in terms of protein, carbs etc, not to mention calories.

Have a great New Years Day everyone and I hope no one is nursing a hang over.  Aaaahhh, remember those days 😉 , lol!

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