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Melt down over


My meltdown is over!  The old bod has returned to “normal” just a very, very slight knee niggle.  So I am going to probably do some bike today, must admit I am a bit tired today probably from all the thinking that has been going around in this head of my mine!

I may go for a run tomorrow if all is well otherwise it will definitely be Saturday.  Just have to get a few runs in before the Melbourne Zoo run on Wednesday evening.  I am going to treat that run as a “training” run so it will be slow.  It is going to have to count as my long run for the week and then I can get back on track with new “tweaked” program.  I swear if I could put as much effort into the actual running and not the planning, I would be running like Benita Johnson!

My tweaked plan is: I am going to try and incorporate a Coburg Harriers session and a R4K training session on alternate weeks into my training regime.  I will continue with other two runs as before, probably one 5km and the long run that is increasing each week by 1km.  I am thinking if I can get to these sessions it will spice it up a bit and keep me motivated.

It is only 59 days to R4K  😯

P.S  Andrew, I can’t believe you wrote that about the shoes!!  I popped into Leo’s (Asics shop) just this morning and looked at another pair and left thinking should I, is it really necessary because I have just bought a new pair in December!  I am going to talk hubby into it and go back.  New model of Nimbus very spangly, not that it is about the looks 😉

Comments on: "Melt down over" (3)

  1. Of course it’s about the looks! But seriously, from a running safely and injury free POV…you need to rotate those shoes 😉

  2. Lee, you definitely should buy that second pair. My knees and shins have been heaps better since I started doing it. It was my physio who told me it was a neccessity, and when I visited a pod recently he said the same thing. So, just tell hubby it is a serious health issue !!

  3. Good luck with the shoes 🙂 And good to hear the knee is behaving!

    Did you get your zoo race number? I laughed at the voucher for 1 sausage and 1 slice of bread!

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