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5km and all is well


I ran 5km at the Tan last night and I think I can safely say all is well.  It was a little warm but I managed to have enough zoom left for last 200m for a quick sprint (5.10 pace).

The Tan trials were finishing up when I got down there.  It was when they were on last year, I think a little later in month, that I did my very first run/walk.  I didn’t even know what the Tan was back then let alone run on it.  I actually went down with RJ as support for her because her personal trainer wanted her to do it.  Needless to say, I have never looked back, thanks RJ 😉

I am going to try and get out for one more run either tomorrow or Monday before the Melbourne Zoo run on Wednesday.  They have forecast 38 degrees for the next couple of days so I will see what happens.  If I don’t get out I will definitely do some bike.


Comments on: "5km and all is well" (3)

  1. That must be a relief. You’ll be setting some PBs in no time.

  2. Glad to hear all is well after todays run. I hoping I can say the same after tomorrows ESRG jaunt. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

  3. Ah Lee! I just saw your comment on Andrew’s blog – euw!!! 😆

    I shouldn’t laugh, it would have been a total pain to replace the electric windows. Aaaah, I’m so glad I’ve given up the grog!

    Good luck with the Zoo run, I wish I was doing it as it looks like heaps of fun and the idea of a twilight zoo run is quite novel 🙂

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