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Pre Zoo Run

I thought I would write one more post before tomorrow.  I have done absolutely nothing since my last run on Sunday.  Rested exactly as planned.  Then why have I got these really sore calves??  I don’t know what’s going on but they are so stiff and sore, especially today.  I am thinking maybe its the new runners as I have been wearing them in but surely it can’t be those.  Then I am thinking maybe it is the massages I have been giveing myself on the feet, achilles and insteps.  Anway as long as it all settles by tomorrow I will be happy.  I might jump on the bike latter just to turn the legs over. 

I am slightly apprehensive about the 8km Zoo Run tomorrow as I have never done an 8km distance before.  I have done a 7km distance with RJ and we chatted while doing that which seemed to make it easier but that was before all my niggles returned.  As I have said before I am going to treat this purely as training long run in lead up to R4K.  I have been thinking about splits but I don’t want to get too carried away.  I also want to wear my new runner’s but am thinking that may not be a wise decision to wear them for such a long run on the first time, so I will probably wear my other pair.

Anyway with all that said I am really looking forward to tomorrow night and am trying not to get to stressed about parking!  I am also hoping to catch up with some more ausrunners 🙂


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  1. Take it easy, treat it as your long run and if you need to walk through the drink stations and have a good drink.

    Most importantly have fun and watch out for the lions.

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