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Running with the Animals

Last night I did the 1st of the Sunset Twilight Series.  It was the 8km Melbourne Zoo run and it was totally awesome.  I would have to say this has been by far one of the most enjoyable “fun runs” I have ever done.  I loved every minute of it!  I found the course challenging and running through the actual zoo was an absolute highlight for me.  I found myself on the 2nd lap totally by myself as I ran through all the winding paths and just taking in my surroundings.  When I passed the monkeys I had to laugh as one of them was sitting watching with his chin resting in his hand 😆  It was a hoot.  I actually got a little lost a couple of times and had to get my bearings to try and work out which way to go!!

My time on the finish line clock was 50:10secs and then as we ran through we had to rip of a tag on the bottom of our numbers and they put that onto a long stick.  I am assuming in order as you run through??  Bit bizarre really but never mind I am really happy with that time for my first 8km run.  I felt great.  I did feel like a bit of a doofus wearing my long skins though but because of my sore calves I think it had to be done.  I am sure they helped.  No problems at all during run and today I feel great  🙂  I will definitely try and make this a regular run each year it’s on.  It was really great having a chat to all the ausrunner’s before and after the race, and I am really happy to report the house had not been turned completely upside down by my boys!!

*Edit*  “Official time” was 50:43 so I guess I will have to go by that!  My time looked so much better when it was closer to 50m, I must have been hallucinating 😆


Comments on: "Running with the Animals" (6)

  1. Glad you didn’t have any destruction at home while you were gone too! That is definitely a strange way to time our run. I like the skins and if they work who cares if you feel like a doofus.

  2. Lee, don’t know why you felt like a doofus in the Skins, they looked cool !!

  3. Congratulations on your run Lee. I must try and make this one next year.

  4. Great run Lee! Your first 8km?? That’s awesome! ONE day I’ll manage 50 minutes for 8km but not for a long time yet.

  5. Cograts on your time, sounds like you had a blast running though the zoo, bet the Monkey’s are still talking about all those strange human’s they saw on Wednesday night.

  6. Darn, I left a comment here earlier on, but I seem to be having a problem on some blogs! Anyway, it was just to say congrats on a great run and time and go the Skins! They really work for me too, so who cares what they may look like – altho I’m sure others were only jealous, cos you looked like a “real runner” !

    Bring on the next event. MAR.

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