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Ugly Ugly Run


I went for a run last night after finally escaping the clutches of evil family, hadn’t ran since the zoo run 😯 and I wished I had stayed home!  I was feeling a little tired but thought once I got out there I would be fine.  I knew even when I was doing my walking warm-up I was definitely not in the mood.  When I started to run I had sharp pain in achilles area and after a few minutes I stopped and stretched the calves.  When I actually think back over past week I have done absolutely no stretching whatsoever!  I have had a bit of a niggle in achilles but nothing like last night, it hurt.  Anyway, it seemed to settle eventually after a few more stops for stretching.  Mr Polar was also being a pain in the butt as he was all over the place again.  He misbehaved badly at the Zoo run with the pace and when I checked my watch at end of run, according to him I had only run 7kms (8km event) though the time seemed ok with a reading of 50:31m.  I obviously need to calibrate him again!

I had planned to do a 5km run but because I wasn’t sure if the distance would be correct I decided to run for 30minutes.  It was so warm/humid and my heart was thumping as though it was going to burst out of my chest.  I usually like this street course that I do as it has hills in it but last night as I was approaching each one, I could have cried.  I should have just walked home, that would have been the sensible thing to do but I am afraid I seem to lose all sense when I go out running with a plan 🙄  I have been stressing because of missing out on two runs last week and with R4K looming, my mind is definitely one track at the moment.  Anyway, managed 40minutes and made sure I stretched really well when I got home. 

As the night progressed I started feeling nauseus and headachey and today I have been more or less flat on my back until about an hour ago.  I know I definitely didn’t drink enough fluid when I got home last night so that wouldn’t have helped.  I think in this warm weather it would be wise to have some Powerade at home in the fridge. 


All day, between the nausea and headache bouts, I have been thinking why am I doing this again?  I was heading out to Geelong on Sunday and spotted R4K banners, and have realised that 15.2km is a bloody long way to run.  I am starting to have serious doubts as to whether I can do it.  It felt great doing 8km’s but 15.2???????

To accomplish this: 

1)  I need to get more sleep.  I think I average about 5-6hrs a night.

2)  I need to definitely do three runs a week.  Now, I could use the tready at gym if it looks as though I can’t escape and put 3yr old in creche.  It is better than nothing I guess but I obviously would prefer all outdoor runs. 

3)  I need to get my bloody feet sorted.  It feels as though this has been going on for an eternity!


Comments on: "Ugly Ugly Run" (7)

  1. Yes. more sleep should definitely be on the agenda!

    Make sure you get some ice onto that achilles to, and stretch, stretch, stretch 🙂

  2. Yes- sounds like some sleep is the answer- I get so cranky if I don’t get my 8 hours. As for the distance you will be fine, just throw in some long runs then let the crowd drag you along! Hope the achilles sorts itself out.

  3. Lee, I am still waiting for the confirmation that I can make the distance as well, but however I manage to do this run, I am determined to get across the finish line and enjoy myself.

  4. If there is one thing I understand it is ugly, ugly runs!!! I’m still working on 8km and I want to do a half in May!!!!!! Phew!

    I admire anyone who is commited to running with little ones. Even though the exercise can be “me time” the reality is that me time is still pretty hard to find. And sleep is the first luxury to go.

  5. Lee, you will make the distance no problems ! If you walk a bit, run a bit, who cares, but as Deege says “just get across the finish line”.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I am also in need of more sleep – maybe should spend less time on these blogs 🙂

  6. Yesterday was a bad day… I went out around 11 am and ended up getting pretty dehydrated too. I think it was much more hot/humid out than you think.

    You can make the distance. It’s not that much further than 8 km!

    Maybe if you have to use the treadie, you can do some speed intervals or hills to make it more interesting. That’s what I do so I don’t get bored 🙂

  7. Hi Lee, just catching up on your recent posts and sorry to hear things have not been going so well for you since the zoo run…

    As others have said – stretching and staying well hydrated are critical – I know it can be easy to overlook or seems too hard to find the extra time, but it really is crucial if you want to be able to keep running – trust me, I had to learn this the hard way too, and I don’t even have to deal with your temperatures! It really will make a difference to how you feel, so make it a priority, esp the stretching – its a necessary evil!

    Hope you are feeling well again soon and it all comes back together for you. Try not to stress too much about the R4K, you will get across that line OK, just perservere in the meantime, do the best training you can manage, then remember – you can deploy whatever tactics you have to on the day (walk/run, etc) to get you thru, but at least you will know you did as well as you could under the circumstances.

    Sleep is so important, but I know it is easier said than done to get a decent amount when you are a busy mum with kids that don’t understand about the importance of getting 8+ hrs sleep per night! It will get better – just hang in there!

    MAR. 🙂

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