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Today is the first day where I have resurfaced and ventured out into the world.  I woke up still with the headache but no nausea thankfully.  I only had to pop one lot of Nurofen so that was a step in the right direction 😯

So I have done absolutely no exercise since that last ugly, ugly run and my plan is to run on Sunday if not to hot, otherwise it will have to be on the Monday.  I guess I will have to start back at 4kms and go from there.  I hate it when you lose momentum in your training and you have to find your feet again 😆  I received my race pack for R4K yesterday and I was initially overjoyed and happy but still nervous about the distance.  I know I can get there but it really depends on my feet issues.  It’s all about the achilles and calves at the moment so I have been icing achilles, self massaging calves and stretching.  Not sure if it is really helping but I will perservere.  I have a sneaky feeling my new Gel Nimbus runners aren’t helping.  This has me completely baffled as they are suppose to be exactly the same as my last ones just the colour changed.  It does seem though everytime I wear those I get more tightness in the calves.  How can this be?

We have a family Birthday party tomorrow which I am so not looking forward too. It is going to be 38 degress and quite frankly this family of ours has way to many get togethers to get excited about!

Guess I should really get off the computer and feed the noisy troops, take away is looking real good at the moment.  Have a great week-end everyone!! 


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  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better.If you’re not 100%, don’t overdo it in the heat on the weekend. Running shoes are funny little critters aren’t they – I hated my kayanos for the first few 100ks now they’re getting close to replacement time I don’t mind them.

  2. I have to run early in this heat or I just stumble around feel bad because I am not training properly.

  3. Hi Lee,

    I haven’t forgotten about sending you that info – life got so hectic, but I’ll send it tomorrow, even put a massive note on the fridge door as a reminder 🙂

    Oh no, losing momentum, yep, it’s not good. I lost some ground whilst away as I couldn’t stick to my plan, so now I feel like I’ve taken a couple of steps backwards. But, onward and upward, we will get there! 😀

    Just treat yourself gently if you are still getting over a bug, and those runners could be troublesome – even though manufacturers say everything is the same there may be tiny differences that are enough to cause a niggle. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep an eye on things.


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