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If you are not in the mood for a bit of negativity, do not read any further as this going to be a whinging whiney post 😡

 I basically have not done a decent run since the 8km Melbourne Zoo run on the 7th February.  I did go to the gym a couple of days ago and did a tready run of 4kms split into two runs with x-training and bike in between but I can’t really count that I feel.  I have been unwell and am now on anti-biotics which have made me feel so much better.  I feel as though I am getting a cold now just to add more assault to the injury 🙄

I thought I would start fresh next week but I don’t know where to start off now.  I was doing two 5km runs plus increasing my long run and had I stayed on track I would have been at 10kms this week.  My foot is still niggly even though I haven’t really ran and the instep is tight.  I have been icing and massaging which doesn’t feel as though it is doing anything.  I am so over the whole injury scenario as well as this weather with its relentless humidity.  The last time I ran was the ugly, ugly run  (I don’t know how to link that post) and it has left me slightly apprehensive about running in heat but if I don’t get out there I am losing more time before R4K.  Believe me if I could run early in the morning I would be doing it but there is no way I can and in the evening that humidity seems to be hanging around.

So to get back on track I need to find a plan to not only get back on track but to find my mojo because I can’t find him at the moment either.  I don’t know how far back in training I need to go with long run and quite honestly at this stage I feel as though I am going to be walking the R4K!!  I would love to get down to some R4K training runs because I think this would really help me but with my pain in the butt demanding family (sorry, I do love them all dearly 😆 ), I can’t see it happening.

So there you have it!  I really hope by next week the weather is a little kinder and I can find some kinda mojo to get me started again.  I also think I need to go back to Pod although the last time I was there he mentioned something about an operation on foot which quite frankly I let the comment go right over my head as I ain’t going to that party!!!!  Obstacles, obstacles and more bloody obstacles!!  Sorry about that but I did warn you it was a negative whinging whiney post 😉


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  1. Lee- I have been terrible since that run too- my training is completely off kilter and I am blaming the heat- here is hoping that the cooler weather proves me right or I might have to blame something else.

  2. The heat is definitely affecting all of us, and the humidity is a killer. Hopefully this weekend might be a bit cooler, and even get some rain, and you can get out for a run and all those injuries will just disappear ! I went into R4K last year very, very underprepared and still loved the experience. Look at R4K as just that “an experience”, all those people running – it will be great – don’t sweat too much on the training plan, just run what feels right for you.

  3. Hi Lee, I’ve followed you from over at ausrun, I’m in a similar situation, I find it hard to find the time (two kids under four and a busy busy partner), and when I can run, it’s over 35 and not that appealing.

    Good luck, the cooler weather is going to spur us all on.

  4. Sorry to hear things are still less than ideal Lee… hope you manage to fight the cold off before it takes hold… and that the weather fairies send some cooler temps your way.


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