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Is that my Mojo??


We went down the Princes Park for the Carlton Football Club Family Day and I do believe I spotted my mojo 🙂  So I am really relieved about that as I was getting a little worried.  Although I didn’t run down there today, I was dressed just in case but decided in the end I should stick with the family as it was after all a family day.  Although I am still not feeling 100% I think I could have done at least 3-4km but I am not sure how great it would have been??  I am hoping to bounce back completely tomorrow and maybe do 4km group at Federation Square if they are still doing that distance 😳

Andrew, I have taken on board what you said about “don’t sweat the training”.  You are absolutely right I am getting way to caught up in it all and not enjoying the journey.  So I am going to lighten up and whatever happens, happens.  I can only do what I can do and it will be a blast no matter what on the day 🙂

Having said that I do have a plan 😆

Monday – run at Federation Square for 4km run if feeling ok and they are in fact still doing that measley distance.

Tuesday – Spin class at the gym

Wednesday – maybe the Port Melbourne run if Monday run doesn’t pan out otherwise just run wherever.

Thursday – cardio and weights at gym.

Friday – run if I don’t run on the Monday.

Saturday or Sunday – Long run although not sure of distance yet and I will choose day accordingly.  I will know distance once I get a couple of runs under my belt.  I have got the building up distance mapped out for weeks leading up to R4K but like I said, I ain’t sweating it 😉

I am such a sooky la la when it comes to this running caper and I really appreciate all the encouraging comments 🙂  Also, thanks Punch for your comment in my blog re:  kids/time of run.  It is nice to know I am not the only one 🙄


Comments on: "Is that my Mojo??" (5)

  1. Lee did you catch a glimpse of the Blues mojo or it is going to be a very bad year for me as the BF will be just as sad as last year (and the year before)

  2. Good plan. I started freaking out yesterday cos it’s only 5 weeks to the R4tK – but I figure with some planning it will be okay (hopefully).

  3. Please don’t mention the footy….can’t believe we got beaten by Carlton….not a good start to the season 🙄

    Glad to hear you found your mojo – hope it’s a good looking one 🙂

  4. My son Chris, who is a Blues supporter (still can’t work out what I did wrong there), says it is the year of the Blues ! Do you think he’s dreaming !

  5. So that’s what was going on at the park… I did wonder why there were so many cars around…

    And hoorah for glimpsing the lesser spotted Mojo – I am definitely in the same boat as you Lee, so fret not. Mine is slowly returning, and I am getting through it by taking it one run at a time.

    Hang in there Lee! 😀


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