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The Good follows the Ugly


I was going to start my runs again tonight hoping to get to the R4K Port Melbourne training run but I had a window of opportunity last night so I seized the moment!  It was a fabulous run at Princes Park!  I was really nervous about doing it as I was still unsure whether my mojo was completely back and also whether I could actually still run!  It’s amazing what a bad run does to your confidence.  I ended up deciding if I could do one lap I would be happy with that.  I have been really diligent with the fluids during the day, water that is 😉 I am definitely not going to make that mistake again!

So I did a 5min brisk walk before start line and off I went.  I completed 3km, had small drink of water, stretched the calves and then decided to walk to start line (182m) and head of again.  I finished at the 2km mark so all up it was 5kms.  I was tossing up whether to run to start line again but decided as this was the first run back, 5km was ok.  The funny thing is, I struggle to take walks breaks as it makes me feel like a wuzz but I have to say had I not done it, I don’t know if I could have done anymore than the initial 3km.  I then walked 1km to cool down and stretched really well.  There were heaps of people at Princes Park last night, it was abuzz with activity.  Really pleasant 🙂

It has made me feel quite optimistic about R4K in terms of having to take walk breaks if I am not quite there for whatever reason.  I noticed on the map the drink stations are every 3kms, so if I run the first 6 or 9km and walk through that drink staion and then maybe do the same at the 12km mark if needed, I reckon thats a good plan.  It has made me relax about the whole thing.  Of course I am hoping to run the whole event and I will know in the last couple of weeks what I can expect from myself.  If my training stays on track with no obstacles and the feet/orthotics sort themselves with no more issues, I will do it but if things don’t go to plan I am through beating myself up.  In fact, I think I am damn well excited again 😀

I went to gym today and did 45mins cardio, core and upper body resistance, so I am pretty pleased with the last two days exercise.  I will run tomorrow if not too sore 😳 otherwise it will be Friday. 

And whats with all the Carlton supporters coming out of the closet!  I am  an avid West Coast supporter, woohoo, and I was only tagging along with the rest of the family on Sunday (Carlton family day), who are die hard Carlton supporters.  According to the boys in this family, the consensus is that Carlton are on their way back.  😆 Yeah we will see 😆


Comments on: "The Good follows the Ugly" (3)

  1. Great to hear you had a good one Lee – and that the only fluids you are supping during the day is water!! 😉


  2. So glad to hear that you are back on track ! Sounds like a good R4K plan to me.

  3. It is a bit of a head game sometimes this running thing- I am glad you have decided that the R4Kids is definitely achievable. I am looking forward to it too after a good run today.

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