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Edwardes Lake


I ventured out today for my 5km run today down at Edwardes Lake around 1pm.  It was about 27 degree’s with a breeze.  I decided to run today because I wanted to give myself the option to either run on the Saturday or Sunday depending on whats going on around the household.  I would love to try and get down to the Tan to do 2 laps. I am secretly hoping to be able to swing the Nike group on the Saturday morning but I am not counting on it.  As long as I get down there at some stage over the week-end to do 8kms, I will be happy 😀

I wasn’t sure if I should have run really because I am sore from last two days exercise so I am thinking I will probably be flat on my back recovering the next two days 😆  I feel ok though just a little niggly in the achilles.  If I get a chance later I am going to have a look on the net for some achille and calf stretches to add to what I do.  I am hoping the more I do it might just help!


My 9 year old is so excited at the moment as he is participating in the Auskick game at half time tomorrow night.  It is the Brisbane and Western Bulldogs game which is being played at the Telsta Dome.  His Dad is going to take him and I get to have a nice quiet night at home.  If I can get the pesky 3year old to bed at a reasonable hour, I am going to watch a flick and I do believe I feel some chocky and a nice bottle of Four Sisters coming on 🙂

*Edit*  It was a good run with no walk breaks so I feel as though I am back to “normal”.  I finished in 33mins and have to say it is now 4pm and I feel great 🙂


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  1. Breeze or no breeze, 27 degrees is hot to be running! Hope the run went OK – if not, then the heat is excuse enough.

    I’d be interested to hear about what you find when you search for calf/achilles stretches. I’m too lazy to look it up. I rather just ask someone (like you!) or stick with my ol’ faithful stretches.

  2. Nice going. And how exciting for your son. Enjoy your quiet night.

  3. Have a good Friday night- sounds like you earn every second you get off! Hope to see you Saturday morning.

  4. Might see you round the Tan! The Auskick sounds exciting. I haven’t had kids involved in that but I have coached my basketball team (when they were U10s) in a pre-match game at a Melbourne Tigers game – that was pretty exciting!

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