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Headed down to the Tan today to do my scheduled 8km run.  I had a few options up my sleeve to enable me to run this 8km with a group.  My first option was to try and make it to the Saturday R4K training session and the second option was to do the Federation Square session on the Monday if I couldn’t make the Saturday one.  I just felt I needed to do this run  with a group as I wasn’t feeling very confident and I thought a group would push me along.  For some reason the “We Can Walk it Out” Fun Run popped into my head which I actually did last year, the 4km walk/run.  I decided to look it up on the net to find out when it was going to be on this year and coincidently it was on today.  This is a really low key Fun Run and the money raised goes towards Womens Cancer Foundation, ovarian in this case, so it is for a really worthy cause.  I was really happy to do it and it suited me that it isn’t a full-on race as I wanted to run slow 🙄

I actually ended up completing it a couple of more minutes longer than the Zoo Run, so I think I probably need to slow pace a little more. I must admit I am getting a little confused with different runs and the pace they should be run at.  I am gathering info left right and centre to help me with my running 😉

The run was in the opposite direction that you usually run , perve laps 😆 , and I have to say it felt really weird.  I was a little disappointed as I did want to run up the Anderson Street hill, it was still challenging though.  My orthotics started rubbing on the right instep towards the end which was a bit painful but I conquered on.  The other niggle, yawn, I have had is slight sciatica pain and I am wondering if the x-trainer has brought that on again.  All in all though a good run.  I did think at some stage early on “I am not going to be able to do this”, but by the 5km mark I felt great.

I just have to decide now whether to do one more 8km run next week-end or increase to 10km and then repeat distance the following  week-end.  I figure I should be able to get up to 12km before R4K if “all goes to plan” 🙄


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  1. Nice going. I did that run last year, was disappointed that they didn’t really have accurate timing but as the $ are going to a worthwhile cause, you can’t complain 🙂 i reckon it’s a much more difficult course than the zoo.

    Btw are you doing the tan run for the sunset series this week?

  2. Gotta love those perve laps- but you have to remember everyone else still gets to perve at you!

  3. It does feel weird going round the Tan in the other direction doesn’t it!

  4. I hadn’t heard of that run, they musn’t advertise much, that’s a shame I would have done that one, good cause and would have been interesting to run the other way round.

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