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I have been going quite good this week and have stuck right on schedule.  Although I haven’t been blogging, I have been running 🙂

I have done my two 5km runs around Edwardes Lake and been to the gym twice.  On Tuesday I did  a spin class, core and lower resistance, and on the Thursday I did 45 minutes cardio, core and upper resistance.  I have to say I am quite knackered today after my run but that is because I had a really broken sleep last night , the kids 🙄   An early night is scheduled for tonight, fingers crossed.  To complete my running week I am hoping to do the 10km “Beat the Boat” Fun Run as my long run.

I feel as though I am quite on track and if I can complete this 10km on Sunday, I think I will then move on to 12km for the following two weeks before R4K.  Not sure where I will do those though as so far I have been able to key in my long runs with events which in the group setting has been a real bonus for me.  Not quite sure how I will go doing 12km by myself 😯


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  1. I am keen to come along for a 12km if you need some company- though I will probably keep it shorter than that for the weekend before.

  2. Hey Lee – I’m sure you’ll manage 12km OK! It’s funny – 12km used to sound like a long way but I have now managed 10km twice (!!) I’m considering giving it a go too. Considering it. Now I just need to increase my speed so I’m moving faster than walking pace.

  3. Are you still going to come along to Beat the Boat ?

  4. Hi Lee, glad to hear things are going well 🙂 I agree with Celeste and Sara, you will manage the 12k just fine, especially if you get that 10k under your belt. Go Lee! Looks like we both have the mojo back 😀

    Good luck for Beat the Boat! 😀


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