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10km Beat the Boat


Well I did it!! I ran 10km for the first time ever 😀 Have to say though, its a long blinking way 😯

I arrived in plenty of time to register and get myself organised. The original plan was that the whole family was going to come down and enjoy Moomba while I did my run but we ran out of time in getting everyone organised so I flew out the door alone.  The kids were a bit tired and I was quite nervous so it worked out ok in the end.  I turn into a snappy tom when I am nervous and would rather be by myself than inflict my behavior onto others.  

I finished my run in about 63 minutes which I am happy with considering the fact that it was not flat course as there were a few hills along the way.  Strangely I couldn’t see a start line so I just started my watch when everyone started running.  The other thing I found a bit strange was that there were no km markers, not one!!  Thankfully I had Mr Polar because if I not been able to check where I was distance wise it would have interfered badly with my head space!  Imagine running 10kms and not knowing how far you had to go 😯

When I finished I caught up with ajh which was really good.  So nice to have someone to chat to post run.  The week before when I did “We Can Walk it Out” Fun Run I didn’t see one ausrunner and that felt really strange!  R4K is going to be awesome in regards to that 😀

So I am quite proud of the fact I have done 10km and have pulled up ok, well so far!  I had a few niggles during run but nothing that is worth writing about.  My orthotics started rubbing on in-step again so I will have to do something about that I think.  I am thinking about repeating another 10km run next week-end and then doing one 12km before R4K.  Not sure at this stage, I might be ok to do 12km next week instead of 10km but I am a little scared of injuring myself.  I will assess over the week and then decide.  It would be great to just bite the bullet and do the two 12km runs as I would then feel really confident about the 15.2km R4K 😀  


Comments on: "10km Beat the Boat" (9)

  1. I am not very fun to be around the morning of any fun run- despite being constantly reminded by BF that “It isn’t the Olympics”.. Very strange having no start line or markers- I hope there were drink stations.

  2. Well done on the 10 kms 🙂

  3. Lee, well done today, you looked great when you finished, it looked like you’d done it pretty easy, so good job. R4TK will be a doddle ! Good talking to you today, as you said it can be a lonely experience in amongst all those people if you don’t find at least one person you know!

  4. I didn’t realise it was your first ever 10km!! Kind of puts my 80+ minutes to shame really…

    Awesome run!! (Great feeling to last the distance, isn’t it??!!) 🙂

  5. I hate being late for anything and am always irritable before a race if I’m not there at least 30 minutes before hand….It’s normally best if hubby doesn’t come along as he is not the most punctual person that I know 🙄

    Congratulations on your run. 12km shouldn’t be too much further for you to run….I say give it a go next week 🙂

  6. Sue (hobbles) said:

    Great going, Lee. I was quite anxious on your behalf, hoping it would all go well with no hiccups. Like you, no doubt, I am SO OVER the hiccups. Good luck for the next 3 weeks!!

  7. Well done on 10km I don’t know if I would have liked not knowing the km’s. I do a stupid fractions things when running races so I would have gone nuts.

    Well Done Again keep the K’s coming

  8. Hi Lee,

    HUUUUUGE congrats on the race! You did brilliantly, I think you will be fine for R4K, get that 12k done and you’ll feel on top of the world 😀 I am keeping all paws crossed that your niggles stay away in the lead up (and afterwards!).

    Don’t know how I would have coped without markers… that would have done ma heed in I think – thank goodness you had the Polar.

    Well done Lee and good luck for your 12k 🙂


  9. A bit late here, a long week of late nights kept me away from blogs.

    well done on that 10Kms, that’s another goal down for you, next stop, 15Kms R4K 🙂

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