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My running week was a bit dismal this week and I think it was because we had the public holiday on the Monday which then threw my whole week out.  Family wise we had a really nice day on the Monday.  We took the kids to Moomba, watched the parade and then wandered around.  Then the rest of the week just seemed to fly on by 😯   I didn’t actually start my running week until the Friday and I had to settle on Mr T at the gym.  I did 6km and for the first time in a long time I wore my chest link to monitor heart rate to see where it was at these days.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find my heart rate is now in a much better range than when I first started running.  It was always sky high and it use to freak me out which is why I stopped monitoring it.  So I am really happy about that and the run was good as well.  I would rather not run on tready but the way the week was going, it was either that or miss out all together!  I actually jazzed the run up a bit and did some “speed” bouts here and there 😆  

Today I did a 11km run down the Tan and surrounding area.  I had planned to do 12km but my course that I mapped out came out at about 10km so then I had to think of how I was going to make up extra 2km.  I managed another 1km by backtracking but to make up the next km I would have had to do it again and by then I was feeling like a bit of dill!!  My legs were a bit tired as well so I canned it there.  I am still happy though as it is the longest time I have been on my legs and the longest distance to date.  Talk about “long slow distance”, it took blinking forever and then I started clock watching thinking I really had to get back home to the cavalary 😆

I think if I can get all my runs in this week and complete 12km on the week-end I will feel as ready as I can be for R4K.  I have done the best I can training wise with my family situation plus all my blinking niggles, and to be quite honest I am quite proud of the fact that I have finally reached that golden 10km distance 😀  I swear I honestly didn’t think I would ever get there, yay for me!!

Oh, I also wanted to thank Sue (hobbles) and Runmumrun for popping into my blog.  I love it when fellow runners pop in and comment 😀

Comments on: "Where did the week go????" (5)

  1. Yay Yay 10K!! *dances jig* And you could have kept going!! Man, when I finish 10k I barely make it over the line!!! I’m not sure what your “slow” is but I really don’t think times are important. When you’ve set a goal of that magical distance, it’s the distance that is important not how long it took.

    Congratulations Lee! there’ll be no stopping you now!

  2. I think your bad week is actually a quite good- it sounds like the Tan run was a great effort. I cannot wait for Run4Kids (to be over!).

  3. Congratulations. That’s a great effort. Hope you enjoy Run4Kids!

  4. Yeeha, go Lee! Great to hear that you’ve got up to (and over) that magical 10km distance and are well on track for R4K. Like you say, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing due to injury, family, etc, but that just makes your achievements all the more satisfying and special. Keep it going Lee and before you know it, you’ll be saying the same thing about 21km! It all seems impossible until you get there, then you wonder what the big deal was! But it IS a big deal and you’re doing great!

    MAR. 🙂

  5. 11Km, excellent, that’s another break though, first time over 10Kms


    Well done Lee, woo hoo!!!

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