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My Running Week


I had to run on Mr T on Tuesday so I did 5kms with a few speed spurts here and there to break up the monotony.  I was sweating buckets and my face was bright red when I finished, as always, but my heart rate was really good again throughout run.  It was a good session 😀

Yesterday I headed out to Princes Park at about 11am with the intention of running my 5kms.  I only managed 2.5km 😦  It was hot with the sun pounding and I was tired so as soon as I spotted car at half way mark I couldn’t envision running the rest, so I decided not to.  I have never ever done that before, usually I can push through.  I guess I should have realised the mindset I was in when I arrived at PP and circled it twice looking for the “perfect park”.  There was plenty of parking available let me tell you!  I made a deal with myself that when I got home I would do 20mins on the Spin bike but I clearly could not be trusted as I only managed 5mins.  I was truly a shocker yesteday 😳        

Today I was all set to run outdoors but hubby couldn’t look after pesky 3 year old so I ended up at the gym and had to live with the fact that it was going to be another tready run.  I have been getting all sorts of different niggles when incline of Mr T has been on 1%, even 0.5%, so I have had to alternate a bit between 0% – 0.5% to stop them.  I use to always run at 1% incline but with R4Ks to close, I just decided to do whatever I had to do to get rid of niggles!  I only did a 3km run because I ran a little bit yesterday so that is two consecutive days.  Surely it doesn’t count because of piddly distances !!

I had planned on a 12km run on Sunday but I have to say my body is feeling a little weary.  I was thinking maybe a massage might help but probably have left it a little late in regards to R4K.  I might try and book in for a gentle one on the Monday to give me plenty of time to recover from any adverse effects.  I am a little nervous though, maybe I shouldn’t.  My sciatica is back and I have a little hip discomfort which is not unusual for me but it does seem just a little more than usual.  I don’t plan to do much next week, haven’t actually got a plan but I do want to do spin on Tuesday and Body Balance on the Friday.  Runningwise, not sure what to do as I really want to feel rested and with fresh legs 😀

*Edit*  I have bitten the bullet and booked into the gym MT.  I probably would have preferred to go somewhere else that caters in Sports Massage but trying to find somewhere at short notice and tying in the time to get pesky 3 year old looked after was proving to difficult.  The girl at the gym practices TCM Remedial Massage (Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage) and her 10am appt cancelled so I snapped it up.  I am sure it will be ok for what I am after at the moment.  So I have the creche booked and my fingers crossed!   


Comments on: "My Running Week" (5)

  1. It’s hard getting the energy to do anything in this weather. My trick for when it’s hot at princes park is to just run the top half – the side with the (dried up) duck pond then cut through that leafy track near optus oval. it still works out to be 2 km and it’s the other half with the sports grounds that always kills me in the heat.

    Good luck with the massage.

  2. Running in the heat is never fun for me- I can completely understand why you would pull the pin. Don’t overdo it this week in the heat, the runs are already on the board- enjoy the taper!

  3. Only a week out from the run nearly, so just say it’s the beginning of your taper!

  4. Ughh, with the heat this week the treadmill was probably the best place to be.

    Enjoy your massage, don’t forget to tell the MT you have an event on Sunday.

  5. It really has been muggy hasn’t it!! Michelle and I went out for a run yesterday morning at 6am and even then it was quite opressive.

    Enjoy your massage. As Em said, make sure they know that it’s just a nice gentle one.

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