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Last Training Day


I did my last training run for the week today and it was a beautiful morning for running.  Heaps of people out and about around the Tan.  I ended up doing 10km but in hind site I should have settled for 8km.  My body was protesting at the 8km mark, mainly my flipping sciatica but I kept on going 😳  Will I ever learn honestly???  Anyway, when I got home I decided to have a ice bath which although was pretty painful to get into 😯 it was really soothing on the legs.  I am now in my skins.  I hope I am not too sore for my massage tomorrow.  I am only going to cross train this week and rest my weary legs so no running at all.

I have decided that at the moment I am a 10km runner but only just, so, I will definitely not be attempting to run the whole way for R4K.  At this stage I think I will walk through the 6km and 12km water stations and then run remaining 3.2km.  I think I should be able to manage that although I am sure it will be slow.  I am gettting a little stressed about getting there on time as I was going to catch the train but the first one is at 7.30am, too late for me!  I thought I read somewhere that extra trains were going to be running but there is no mention on the website.  I think I will ring metlink tomorrow and find out for sure and then really start panicking!!!


My next event will probably be Run to the G.  We have to move out of our house and find somewhere else to live so the next couple of months will be busy.  I also have to sort out my niggles as they are still here.  I have no idea why sciatica has returned as I thought that was just a dim memory.  At first I thought it was the x-trainer at gym but I haven’t been using it.  I am not sure if I should go back to Podiatrist to see if it is a orthotic issue.  Maybe they need adjustments??  My right instep rubs on the orthotics on the longer runs now and my right hip is quite sore at times.  Bladdy. bladdy, blah….do you get sick of reading about it because I get darn sick of writing about niggles, thats for sure 👿

Guess who was the dill who thought day-light saving finished next week-end 😳  I woke hubby up at 4am for work, who after 5-10mins of being up, realised it was in fact only 3am and then proceeded to growl about it for the next hour 😆 In future I think he should just get himself up without having to rely on me all the time!!  Between darling husband and children its no flipping wonder I am an exhausted zombie half the time 🙄


Comments on: "Last Training Day" (6)

  1. LOL to your daylight savings blunder 😉

    I’m 100% sure you’ll be fine for the R4K, just start out slowe rthan you think you need to go, walk through the drink stations and you’ll have plenty left in the tank to finsh feeling great. I can’t wait to read how you go 🙂

    And for the record, for me, 10k is prolly the hardest distance to run/race. I always wish I’d done something shorter when I get to the 6k mark as I can never pace myself properly (too fast, too fast) :rolls: If I’d done something longer you can guarantee I’ll have gone out nice and slow

  2. 😆 I’m a 10km distance person too! And not for lack of trying, or wont of desire!! I’m stuck at 10km at the moment – but I’ll stay here for a while. Well done on the brave ice bath – your legs will love you for sure!

  3. Don’t underestimate yourself. I think the key for the new RFTK course will be to get over the Latrobe street bridge hill. Once you’ve done that it’s all downhill (more or less) and you can just coast. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

  4. I still haven’t been brave enough to get into an ice bath – ice packs are as far as I’ve gone.

  5. As the others have said, you will be fine on Sunday, walking thru the drink stations is a great plan and I am sure the buzz of the crowd will help too.

    Have you thought about seeing an Osteopath for the sciatica?

  6. Hey, good luck for Sunday! Sciata is a dog of a thing to heal. It WILL heal, but it can take a long time. I second the osteo idea too.

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