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Had my massage on Monday and like I suspected my achilles and calves were so tight.  I had to deep breathe when she was massaging and at the end she said she so wanted to massage so much deeper.  I am glad I had it done and I will definitely need to be a little bit more organised in that department I think.

As for my sciatica, that seems to have settled for the moment.  Only a slight twinge.  On Monday after long run on the Sunday, I was completely sciatica free and I really believe it was the ice bath I had post run.  Having said that, I will also look into getting that sorted by a Oesteopath, thanks Em and Punch for suggestion.  Its always hard to know where to go for treatment as there are so many options available.  I have found a great little wholistic place in Clifton Hill, so once I get a chance I will follow up on that.

I did my Spin class yesterday and I feel like running today so bad, but I did promise myself I would only x-train this week.  I was thinking about doing Body Balance class but I haven’t done one for ages so maybe I won’t.  I want to make sure everything is in tip top shape for R4K on Sunday.  I do have a pile of house work to do so that should keep me busy.  I always try and do stretches as I busstle around, my family think I have gone stark raving mad 😆

I forgot to mention last week that I have started to count Weight Watcher (WW) points again as I had put on another 1.5kg on top of the already 3kg that I have half hearted been trying to lose for some time 🙄 , well, I am happy to report I have lost that 1.5kg so now I can concentrate on the 3kg again!!  I am going to do it this time as I am sick of being all talk and no action 😳  I am such an emotional eater it drives me insane!

Now, I have to say it I am so nervous about Sunday!  I have had butterflies in my stomach for the last 3 days it is just ridiculous.  I keep trying to remind myself it is just a Fun Run raising money for the Royal Childrens Hospital but I can’t help it.  What if I can’t make the distance and I have to walk heaps??!!  What if I go all whoozy and I faint??!!  I will be so disappointed in myself not to mention embarrassed 😳  I think I am going to be a bit of a wreck on Sunday morning.  Thankfully I only have one child (3yr old) to contend with and myself so that is really good as I am usually quite nervous before these events which then makes me a big time snappy tom.  My 9yr old is doing a sleep over at cousins which I really happy about as he knows how to push my buttons 😉


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  1. You’ll be fine, Lee. So what if you have to walk for bits? With 30,000 people running and walking it is not like you are going to be left out on the course. Just concentrate on enjoying yourself and soaking up the atmosphere. I know that is what I am going to do.

  2. I know that nervous feeling. But it’s like nervous excitement!! Can I make it? I know I can, but what if I don’t? Will it be cold? Gosh, will it be hot? Should I carry water – what if I miss the water stop because I’m in the “zone”? But then I think of the atmosphere – just like deege said. I’ve never done a “big” fun run so it will all be new and exciting. I’ll be like a little kid. (Of course, I’ll be in Perth and you will be in Melbourne, but I’ll think of you anyway!!) Good luck!

  3. Lee you will be so fine- I don’t think you should worry about walking- there are so many people- I kept thinking last year that I was passed by so many people I must be coming last, then I would look behind me and the road was filled with people for kilometres behind me.

  4. I’m sure you’ll have a ball on Sunday 🙂

    Is the oesto at the clinic on queens parade? I went there a while back. He’s damn hot 🙂

  5. Lee, you will be fine on Sunday – the atmosphere will be so awesome – you will have a ball – it matters zilch if you walk some, you just go out there and enjoy yourself – that’s an order.

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