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2 More Days


I did 50minutes of cardio at the gym yesterday and now I am having two days rest before R4K.  It has felt really weird not running since last Sunday and it actually grates on your confidence a bit I think.  I almost feel like running down to the end of the street and back just to make sure I still can 😆  My plan for the next two days is mainly do stretches as often as possible and tomorrow I will also be hydrating myself really well with water.  I had intended to have two alcohol free nights before Sunday but it is 6pm and I have a nice Cab Sav in front of me 😳 , so definitely tomorrow will be alcohol free.  

This will probably be the last time I blog until R4K is over so I really want to thank everyone who pops in and gives me motivation and support 😀  I honestly don’t know if I would have got as far as I have without your comments so thanks again.  Andrew, thanks for that cyber slap on the face, I needed that and I will listen to your order 😆  Crikey, its not the olympics, its a FUN Run so thats what I intend to do, have FUN!!  I hope to catch up with ausrunners and meet the ones I haven’t met yet.  It is going to be a blast 😀  Good luck everyone and as Frankie would say, see you at the finish line!!

Comments on: "2 More Days" (5)

  1. I hope I get to meet you!

    Don’t worry about the resting, you will be jumping out of your skin and raring to go on Sunday.

  2. Go Lee!! Good luck for Sunday – looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  3. Of course it will be fun! Good luck and I will see you at the rotunda afterwards!

  4. Good luck, hopefully I’ll see you there. At least you’ve done something this week – I’ve done nothing!

    Thanks for the reminder about hydrating… going to get a bottle of water right now 🙂

  5. Sorry I didn’t get on here to wish you all the best BEFORE Sunday, but I hope it went really well for you Lee. Hurry up and post a report woman!! LOL!!

    Oh and if you are getting into an ice bath once its already drawn, you’re a very brave soul indeed!! I get in while its empty with all of the ice down by my feet, then turn the cold tap on and let it fill up around me. Doesn’t seem quite so bad that way! AND I make sure I keep my upper body warm, even if it means my towel ends up soaking on the bottom where its been hanging in the water!!


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