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Finally a Run


Finally got out for a run today and although I still didn’t really feel 100% I am glad I did it.  I have decided to run to time until I feel back to full form so I did 30minutes today.  Legs felt really fresh but I was huffing and puffing 10mins into it.  Walked for 45 seconds and then continued for another straight 20 mins.  I seemed to find my rhythm after that walk break although I was glad to finish at the 30mins mark.  I am clearly not ready to start the first week of beginners 1/2 Marathon program as the first run for the week called for a 7km run with 15mins tempo, and the way I was huffing and puffing due to cold I will have to build back up.  I am not worried really as my first goal is Run to G 10km so there is plenty of time ( I  hope), to build up km’s and fitness towards 1/2 Marathon.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to keep up three runs a week.


The house that we applied for on Friday night was approved yesterday 😀  We took care of all the details today and we get to move in next Tuesday 😯  How on earth am I ever going to get completely organised in that time is beyond me but I am sure it will all come together.  The annoying part is though we have to do a major throw out of all the junk accumulated in this house and a few repairs that my pesky boys have been responsible for and that will be done after we move as we have 3 days up our sleeve after we move.  We thought it would be better to do it that way than trying to do everything at once.  Have to say I am glad to be moving out of this house as I always felt the energy was sapping us all at times 🙄   


Topsy Turvy


I still have not been running since R4K.  How can you prepare so much and be so motivated pre-event and then everything in your life turns upside down and all of a sudden you are doing zilch??  I am feeling like a big fat beached whale at the moment.

It all started on the Monday when we took the kids to ten pin bowling.  We were having a ball and then I pulled a muscle in my quad 😯 Now, I soldiered on although I wasn’t at my best as I was lucky to knock down three pins at a time.  It had clearly affected my bowling aim 😆 My husband thought it was hysterical, the fact that I had ran 15kms and pulled up fine but injure myself while bowling 😳 I guess I can see the funny side now but at the time all I could think about was I had planned to run the next day.  As it turned out the the sick god’s had something else in store for me.  I have had a sore throat and head cold for the remaining week 😦 The cold hasn’t been to bad but the headaches have had me waking in the night and reaching for the lemsips like a geriatric.  The worse thing is I have had to continue with life as normal as it is still school holidays and we have been doing the usual outings, plus, the house hunting has continued in a full on frenzy.  I am hoping that is coming to an end as I applied for a fab house on Friday night so fingers and toes crossed. 


I have probably lost my mojo a bit now but I know it will return once things settle down.  I may try and duck out tomorrow for a short run but not sure of my chances or whether I can actually be bothered.  If I don’t get out tomorrow I will definitely start my training regime on Tuesday as school is back and I should be back in tip top shape although a little heavier I am sure, I am not game to get on the scale’s 😳  I photocopied my training regime to try and get some focus again and it is on the fridge.  I am not using the Lee Troop one now, I have found a regime in the Runner’s World which is three runs a week plus cross training which I can do at the gym.

So I say “Bring on next Week” to get some normality back into this life of mine, well sort off 😆

Goals and Music Memories


I am so dying for a run it is not funny!  I have not been out since R4K.  Now admittedly I was sore for 3-4days post event so even if I could have not sure if I would have.  Now I am more than ready but because mainly because of school holidays, house hunting and now Easter my days have been a bit crazy.  It is a total rat race out there looking for somewhere suitable to live.  I feel as though I have driven 5000miles and have got completely nowhere.  There was one particular house which I absolutely fell in love with even though I hadn’t been inside.  It was a short stroll to  the Merri Creek track and I mean like 15 secs, with all the beautiful surrounding area for the kids to run and frolick which would be fantastic to get rid of all that boy energy they have.  When I rang agent someone had already applied for it 😦  I did notice on Friday it was still on the real estate website so I rang back and the application is still pending, they have been processing that for well over a week.  I am going to keep ringing and checking if it has been approved because if not I will definitely going for alook inside.  I have one to look at on Wednesday, it sounds fantastic but the only drawback is, it is on one of our main local streets, so not sure about that.  It is great that it is really central to everything, its just the traffic that is on it at times.  Also wondering about the noisiness of it although having said that, we are such a noisy family it might work to out advantage 😆

The other really frustrating thing with rentals at the moment is they set up inspection times, you can’t just go grab the keys and go for a look.  As soon as new places come up I ring agent and they take your details then sms you with inspection times.  I have been waiting for about a week to look at three properties so it is a lot of time wasted I feel and if you do like something everyone else is probably going to as well!!  Or it goes the other way, as soon as you step in it you kinda know if you like it so if you don’t, off the list it goes.  As I said it is a rat race  I am so spewing we sold our house in Bentleigh when we moved to Perth in 2000, in hindsite we really should have rented it out as we knew we were going to come back.  Not to worry I guess we will find something eventually although we have to be out of here by 16th May and I really do just want to get it wrapped up.


I feel a bit embarrassed that I wrote “I rock” in my last post!  It wasn’t in a gloating way really, just in a I can’t believe I did it kinda a way 😆  Now just because I am not running at the moment doesn’t mean I am not thinking about it.  Thank you Andrew for that little seed you planted 🙂 because guess what I am thinking of doing, yep the Melbourne Half Marathon in October.  I went to the website and checked it out.  I found the Lee Troop HM training programme which is really doable for me so I am going to try and start it on Tuesday.   I figure I have enough time to prepare for this and it also gives me time to tweak program as I go depending on what is going on in this crazy life of mine.  I will decide definitely when it it gets closer but I see this as a goal.  My first goal is  the 10km Run to the G.  As I said in previous post I need to really consolidate my 10km running so that is ultimately my first goal.  I want to be able to run 10km comfortably.


I am going to ramble again 😆  I am sitting here as I type pmsl as I have Music Max on the tv and they are playing Resurrection Songs, Top 100.  I really should be getting everyone ready for our last, thankfully, Easter outing.  I am so over Easter it is not funny!  Anyway, you don’t think some pearlers have been played.  Currently on is Number 48 “Lets Go” by The Cars.  Before they had on “Joey” by Concrete Blonde (still absolutely love it and sing it at the top of my lungs), “I love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett and remember that song “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” by the the daggy Proclaimers, roflmao!!  WHAM, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”, I think I use to own a top with Wham on it, I am giving away far to much information I know 😆   A little while ago “Flashdance” was on and boy that brings back some embarassing memories!  I swear I use to flit across the lounge room like Jennifer Beales did in the film clip, and even spin on my back like her body double, well try that is.  I use to wish for a body like that in fact I am still dang wishing!!  I am sorry I have to go, Guns and Roses is on “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and I have some serious dancing to do and then I have to get the kids ready to go out 😆

New Found Excitement


I have a ball of excitement in the pit of my stomach from Sunday’s run.  Initially as I posted before I was a bit disappointed with my performance but I have really been thinking about it a lot since then and you know what……. I think I actually rock! I am a 44 year old mother of two who is lucky to string a decent nights sleep together and somehow I managed to train for this 15km run.  With my lack of sleep not to mention all my niggles, I ran 15km’s 😯 I know I had a drink of water here and there stretched the sciatica out abit but in the great scheme of things, the amount of time really was nothing, 2-3 minutes maybe if that I really am not sure and I just don’t care now.  I ran 15km’s 😀

So where do I go from here??  I know I still have a way to go but I know I am capable now.  I was sore after run but no injuries and no niggles anywhere.  I need to build my 10-15km runs so that I become a strong runner.  I am going to look around to find some training program to help me do this.  I need to jazz things up a bit.  A bit of hill training and a speed sessions I think probably needs to be added.  I am so dang excited.  The other thing which I am pretty sure I will do but have no idea when is a 1/2 marathon.  I cannot believe I have come this far.  Deege and I were laughing in the car coming home from R4K on Sunday about when we were doing the beginners running program, couch to 5km, 😆  I never dreamed for a minute that I would get where I am today.  I am so excited I am beside myself……….I clearly am not normal 😀

Run 4 Kids


Its taken me awhile to get here to blog, funny how life just goes crazily on.  I have been furiously house hunting and it is also now school holidays.  When deege dropped me at Mother-in-Laws after R4K, I very lesuirely walked home with 3 year old in pram.  It was such a beautiful day on Sunday and I was definitely in no rush to get back to the grind 😆  Having said that, I found myself about and hour later at the indoor playground where my 9 year old was with his Aunty and cousins.  We stayed there for about another hour and then headed home.  I couldn’t get out of there quick enough quite frankly because my pesky 3 year old kept insisting on escaping from his “area” into the big kids area and I had to keep climbing up to get him of the equipment, geez, didn’t he realised I had just ran 15 flipping kms and I was a little tired and starting to get a little sore 😯    

Now for the race report.  What an absolute fantabulous day it was.  Headed out the door about 6:40am and walked 3year old to Mother-in-Laws.  Was picked up by deege and we then went to the Clifton Hill train station.  I could not believe how many people were on that train when it arrived.  It was jam packed!  I hadn’t really given the train ride a thought as all I could think about was getting there in plenty of time.  You could feel the buzz in the air and I was able to relax then as everyone was in the same boat, sorry train 😆 just trying to get there.  Arrived at Flinders Street station and walked down to event.  We went our separate ways, deege to the baggage drop off and me to the loo.  I was in that queue for about 25-30mins, I kid you not and then I really was getting nervous about not getting to start line in time.  While in toilet line 🙄  I was trying to hook up with RJ and another friend so we could run together but 5000 sms’s later realised it just wasn’t going to happen.  I wandered down to start line and as the race started late, I then waited about another 15 minutes or so before we were off.

I simply loved the course, it was challenging as well as scenic.  Loved the Domain tunnel even though it was a bit warm in there  Headed down the West Gate Freeway and had a few sips of fluid at the 6km drink station.  I also tried to stretch my sciatica out a bit as that had started to kick in but wasn’t too bad.  Did the little loop and started cruising up the Bolte Bridge, what a great view it is when you are up there.  Just really cruised along until probably La Trobe Street where I think there was an incline and I noticed that one.  Had a sip of  water and stretched sciatica again at the 9km marker.  Once I got to the 12km marker, I thought to myself, right 3kms to go.  I was feeling not to bad but I could tell that was where my training had ended (distance wise).  Continued along and I have to say started to struggle in that last km.  Cardiowise everything beautiful just the legs protesting a bit and of course pesky sciatica.  I couldn’t for the life of me see the finish line and kept thinking where the bloody hell is it???  Finally I saw it and hobbled across, I am afraid it was not a strong finish at all 😦 I was a bit disappointed as I have managed to always finish well in my races right up to the 10km Beat the Boat.  Thinking about it over the last couple of days I have come to realise that I did in fact finish the whole 15kms and that is really quite a distance.  To finish strongly I probably needed another 4-6 weeks to be completely trained.  I did miss a couple of weeks here and there in the lead up to for R4K so basically I did what I was capable of at the time.  My official time was 1:37:46 and even though I am still walking around like a bit of a tin man, I guess it is not bad for a old bird 😉

*Edit*  Oh, I nearly forgot…..It was really great to catch up with Ausrunners and a few Coolrunners at the Transport after the race.  Finally met Jaykay, Duckgirl, Runjanerun, Superjacent and Mrs Pom.  It is so nice to put faces to “usernames” 😆

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