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Run 4 Kids


Its taken me awhile to get here to blog, funny how life just goes crazily on.  I have been furiously house hunting and it is also now school holidays.  When deege dropped me at Mother-in-Laws after R4K, I very lesuirely walked home with 3 year old in pram.  It was such a beautiful day on Sunday and I was definitely in no rush to get back to the grind 😆  Having said that, I found myself about and hour later at the indoor playground where my 9 year old was with his Aunty and cousins.  We stayed there for about another hour and then headed home.  I couldn’t get out of there quick enough quite frankly because my pesky 3 year old kept insisting on escaping from his “area” into the big kids area and I had to keep climbing up to get him of the equipment, geez, didn’t he realised I had just ran 15 flipping kms and I was a little tired and starting to get a little sore 😯    

Now for the race report.  What an absolute fantabulous day it was.  Headed out the door about 6:40am and walked 3year old to Mother-in-Laws.  Was picked up by deege and we then went to the Clifton Hill train station.  I could not believe how many people were on that train when it arrived.  It was jam packed!  I hadn’t really given the train ride a thought as all I could think about was getting there in plenty of time.  You could feel the buzz in the air and I was able to relax then as everyone was in the same boat, sorry train 😆 just trying to get there.  Arrived at Flinders Street station and walked down to event.  We went our separate ways, deege to the baggage drop off and me to the loo.  I was in that queue for about 25-30mins, I kid you not and then I really was getting nervous about not getting to start line in time.  While in toilet line 🙄  I was trying to hook up with RJ and another friend so we could run together but 5000 sms’s later realised it just wasn’t going to happen.  I wandered down to start line and as the race started late, I then waited about another 15 minutes or so before we were off.

I simply loved the course, it was challenging as well as scenic.  Loved the Domain tunnel even though it was a bit warm in there  Headed down the West Gate Freeway and had a few sips of fluid at the 6km drink station.  I also tried to stretch my sciatica out a bit as that had started to kick in but wasn’t too bad.  Did the little loop and started cruising up the Bolte Bridge, what a great view it is when you are up there.  Just really cruised along until probably La Trobe Street where I think there was an incline and I noticed that one.  Had a sip of  water and stretched sciatica again at the 9km marker.  Once I got to the 12km marker, I thought to myself, right 3kms to go.  I was feeling not to bad but I could tell that was where my training had ended (distance wise).  Continued along and I have to say started to struggle in that last km.  Cardiowise everything beautiful just the legs protesting a bit and of course pesky sciatica.  I couldn’t for the life of me see the finish line and kept thinking where the bloody hell is it???  Finally I saw it and hobbled across, I am afraid it was not a strong finish at all 😦 I was a bit disappointed as I have managed to always finish well in my races right up to the 10km Beat the Boat.  Thinking about it over the last couple of days I have come to realise that I did in fact finish the whole 15kms and that is really quite a distance.  To finish strongly I probably needed another 4-6 weeks to be completely trained.  I did miss a couple of weeks here and there in the lead up to for R4K so basically I did what I was capable of at the time.  My official time was 1:37:46 and even though I am still walking around like a bit of a tin man, I guess it is not bad for a old bird 😉

*Edit*  Oh, I nearly forgot…..It was really great to catch up with Ausrunners and a few Coolrunners at the Transport after the race.  Finally met Jaykay, Duckgirl, Runjanerun, Superjacent and Mrs Pom.  It is so nice to put faces to “usernames” 😆


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  1. Lee, your time sounds awesome to me – what a fantastic effort!! Congratulations!!

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