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New Found Excitement


I have a ball of excitement in the pit of my stomach from Sunday’s run.  Initially as I posted before I was a bit disappointed with my performance but I have really been thinking about it a lot since then and you know what……. I think I actually rock! I am a 44 year old mother of two who is lucky to string a decent nights sleep together and somehow I managed to train for this 15km run.  With my lack of sleep not to mention all my niggles, I ran 15km’s 😯 I know I had a drink of water here and there stretched the sciatica out abit but in the great scheme of things, the amount of time really was nothing, 2-3 minutes maybe if that I really am not sure and I just don’t care now.  I ran 15km’s 😀

So where do I go from here??  I know I still have a way to go but I know I am capable now.  I was sore after run but no injuries and no niggles anywhere.  I need to build my 10-15km runs so that I become a strong runner.  I am going to look around to find some training program to help me do this.  I need to jazz things up a bit.  A bit of hill training and a speed sessions I think probably needs to be added.  I am so dang excited.  The other thing which I am pretty sure I will do but have no idea when is a 1/2 marathon.  I cannot believe I have come this far.  Deege and I were laughing in the car coming home from R4K on Sunday about when we were doing the beginners running program, couch to 5km, 😆  I never dreamed for a minute that I would get where I am today.  I am so excited I am beside myself……….I clearly am not normal 😀


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  1. You know I am amazed that you fit everything in- you are amazing Lee! Seriously- I only have myself to worry about and you have so much more on your plate but you manage to do it all.

  2. You rock Lee. Imagine what you are going to be accomplishing in the coming year.

  3. You do rock. It’s fantastic that you’ve got over all the setbacks you’ve had, sounds like you’ve got all the pains under control now and you’ll be flying ahead 🙂

  4. Yep, it’s true, you DO rock Lee 😀

    I know exactly what you mean about the excitement from Sunday… I have been like that all week 🙂 I think that just keep doing what you are doing… your niggles are lessening now your legs are getting used to the new regime so I think your idea of becoming a stronger runner over those distances sounds very sensible.

    Good luck for whatever you may do next Lee! 😀


  5. Yee ha! Its so great to hear you so excited Lee and you totally deserve that feeling!! You’ve captured and put into words the way doing events makes me feel – and of course the more challenging the event and your circumstances, the better it feels! Its overcoming the obstacles and adversity that makes it so sweet! We really are addicts – but I can’t think of anything I’d rather be addicted to!

    Enjoy the feeling Lee and I know you will use it to propel you forward. Keep going – 21.1kms is just a stumble or two more than 15kms! True!

    MAR. 🙂

  6. Lee, every one who got to comment here before me is right – you do rock – and you are normal – this running lark can give you such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Congratulations on your achievement on Sunday – it is a significant one – especially given you were so nervous about it and the various hiccups you had in your training program. And, if you can run 15km, the HM is really not that much farther you know – only a diddly 6km more. You can run 6km! Come on HM – October – Melbourne Marathon !!! What do you reckon!

  7. Hey! I’m thinking of doing the October half as well (probably everyone who completed the R4K is doing it!). Going to go check out the website and look at the program 🙂

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