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Topsy Turvy


I still have not been running since R4K.  How can you prepare so much and be so motivated pre-event and then everything in your life turns upside down and all of a sudden you are doing zilch??  I am feeling like a big fat beached whale at the moment.

It all started on the Monday when we took the kids to ten pin bowling.  We were having a ball and then I pulled a muscle in my quad 😯 Now, I soldiered on although I wasn’t at my best as I was lucky to knock down three pins at a time.  It had clearly affected my bowling aim 😆 My husband thought it was hysterical, the fact that I had ran 15kms and pulled up fine but injure myself while bowling 😳 I guess I can see the funny side now but at the time all I could think about was I had planned to run the next day.  As it turned out the the sick god’s had something else in store for me.  I have had a sore throat and head cold for the remaining week 😦 The cold hasn’t been to bad but the headaches have had me waking in the night and reaching for the lemsips like a geriatric.  The worse thing is I have had to continue with life as normal as it is still school holidays and we have been doing the usual outings, plus, the house hunting has continued in a full on frenzy.  I am hoping that is coming to an end as I applied for a fab house on Friday night so fingers and toes crossed. 


I have probably lost my mojo a bit now but I know it will return once things settle down.  I may try and duck out tomorrow for a short run but not sure of my chances or whether I can actually be bothered.  If I don’t get out tomorrow I will definitely start my training regime on Tuesday as school is back and I should be back in tip top shape although a little heavier I am sure, I am not game to get on the scale’s 😳  I photocopied my training regime to try and get some focus again and it is on the fridge.  I am not using the Lee Troop one now, I have found a regime in the Runner’s World which is three runs a week plus cross training which I can do at the gym.

So I say “Bring on next Week” to get some normality back into this life of mine, well sort off 😆


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  1. I’ve been the same because of my dodgy leg but even after the city to surf last year was dead lazy for a couple of weeks. I don’t think you can be 100% focused all the time – it’s called periodisation… and I’m in the rest phase now 😛

    Which issue of RW is the regime in? I’ve been looking for a training plan. Does it have stuff in distances – like 400 metre sprints etc… cos that always stuffs me up. I don’t have a running track nearby and I think I’d be too embarrassed to use one if I did – they are for serious runners!

  2. Lee, let your body tell you when to run again. We know you want to, but don’t push it too early. I am living proof of what happens when you have pain but ignore it.

  3. Lee, I’ve had a cough/cold thing pretty much since R4K too. I think maybe it was a reaction from our bodies to all the stress/excitement etc we put on ourselves. We should be thankful it was after and not before though. Hope the quad gets well and the mojo returns!

  4. runjanerun said:

    Hey Lee, feel for you.. I too have been incapacitated since the day after Run4Kids.. hang in there…. at least the break will help with any small niggles…even apart from the quad Im always amazed at the impact not running had on my mood.. my poor flatmates

  5. You really wont have dropped much fitness at all in that time- especially if you are chasing the kids and being active. Hope you get a chance to rest though so that cold goes away.
    Hope your bowling career isn’t over!

  6. I tore a quad muscle playing touch footy last year. Voltaren emugle worked wonders.

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