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Finally a Run


Finally got out for a run today and although I still didn’t really feel 100% I am glad I did it.  I have decided to run to time until I feel back to full form so I did 30minutes today.  Legs felt really fresh but I was huffing and puffing 10mins into it.  Walked for 45 seconds and then continued for another straight 20 mins.  I seemed to find my rhythm after that walk break although I was glad to finish at the 30mins mark.  I am clearly not ready to start the first week of beginners 1/2 Marathon program as the first run for the week called for a 7km run with 15mins tempo, and the way I was huffing and puffing due to cold I will have to build back up.  I am not worried really as my first goal is Run to G 10km so there is plenty of time ( I  hope), to build up km’s and fitness towards 1/2 Marathon.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to keep up three runs a week.


The house that we applied for on Friday night was approved yesterday 😀  We took care of all the details today and we get to move in next Tuesday 😯  How on earth am I ever going to get completely organised in that time is beyond me but I am sure it will all come together.  The annoying part is though we have to do a major throw out of all the junk accumulated in this house and a few repairs that my pesky boys have been responsible for and that will be done after we move as we have 3 days up our sleeve after we move.  We thought it would be better to do it that way than trying to do everything at once.  Have to say I am glad to be moving out of this house as I always felt the energy was sapping us all at times 🙄   


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  1. Glad to hear that you have found a place at last – here’s hoping that it has much better energy and you will be happy there for a very long time 🙂

    Funny how houses can have “bad” energy, my last one was like that – I couldn’t get out fast enough

  2. Congratulations on the house and on the run. I’m sure you’ll get everything done in time – sometimes it’s easier not to have too much time anyway otherwise you pack stuff you need!

  3. Great that you got a place Lee. Don’t worry too much about the program – it’s sensible just to get back to regular running before pushing too hard. You don’t want to risk injury along the way.

  4. Glad you will have a roof over your heads! I love a big clean out too- we have hard rubbish coming up and I have so much junk to get rid of too.

  5. Congrats on the new house Lee – are there good running spots around it 🙂 Which HM are you aiming for – Melbourne in October ?

  6. very sensible to run to how you feel as opposed to sticking to what was previously planned.. great that you are back 🙂

  7. Well done for getting out there Lee 😀 treat yourself gently, and you’ll soon be back to where you want to be.

    Congrats on the new nest! 😀


  8. Have a garage sale. We had one before we left Karratha and you would be amazed at some of the crap people buy!!! We would have paid someone to take the stuff away – instead they paid us!!!

  9. hey.. 30 mins running is fine…a walk break is no biggie… before you know it, you wont be needing one.. Im just starting back, and my physio is making me take walk breaks!

  10. 30 minutes is excellent, as is running for time when you are feeling a bit off, I did that today.

    Hope the move goes smoothly, definitely the less crap you take with you the better 🙂

  11. Which HM program are you doing? 7km and tempo sounds very full-on for wk 1!
    Good work getting out there again – overcoming post-event inertia is soooo hard…

  12. Where are you Lee?? I hope you have been busy running and setting up the new house and that you are far too busy to post. Let us know how you are going soon!

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