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Gym Swap on the Horizon

exercise: home
40 minutes Spin bike (alt. 2min riding/2min standing riding)

Went to the gym this morning and hit a snag……. my pesky three year old wasn’t having a bar of it 😯  I could not get him into the creche, I even tried to bribe him with jelly beans that they have at the front desk!  So we ended up coming straight home 😦  Now to say I was a bit peeved is an understatement as I had planned an hours cardio session but what can you do??  So plan 2 popped into my head, I would jump onto my Spin bike at home when able.  That happened around 2pm and I was only able to do 40 minutes before I had to start next lot of chores, better than nothing I guess 🙄

Em, I had just checked out my local Leisure Centre gym just before I read your comment in my last post.  I was a member of this gym yonks ago and although I loved it, it was a bit pokey.  Well I knew that renovations were happening there which is why I had been contemplating checking it out again.  I still really missed the pool and figured if gym area was better it would maybe be worth swapping back.  I think I am going to do it!  I was impressed with the new gym area, it is so much better than before 🙂  It is almost $20 cheaper a month, have access to all facilities and they don’t charge for re-assessments of gym program, woo hoo, a dream come true!  The other real seller for me is I can attend 2 Spin classes a week and it is the same instructor that takes the class at Fernwood where I am now.  She is awesome and I can’t always get to her class as it is on a Tuesday morning (10.30am) which is usually my running morning.  At the leisure centre the Spin classes are on Monday and Wednesdays at 9.30am which suits me so much better 😀

The only thing that is nagging me of course is taking 3 year old away from Ferwoods creche because he is so settled there. Having said that, I think after today’s performance, the pesky 3 year old will just have to go with the flow 😆


A Sign of the Times?

exercise:  gym

15mins x-trainer/30 mins spin bike (alternating between riding and standing riding)

core/upper weights/lunges

Had a really good session at the gym today.  Still haven’t got my orthtics back so I may have to go back to gym tomorrow, I am really hoping for a call from Pod today to say come “come and get them” so I can start running again.

I had my nose put out of joint today and I am not sure if this is the go now or its just my gym.  Last week I made an appointment to have a new gym program written up and unfortunately I had to cancel it.  So today I tried to re-schedule that appointment and was told that I have to make an appointment with personal trainer (1/2hr) and be charged $40 for it 😯  Apparently thats what they do now.  The girl who originally made appointment wasn’t aware of that so had I turned up, I probably would have been charged to get a new program done.  I find this amazing.  In all my years of gym, it has always been a part of your membership to have ongoing re-assessments and new programs written up.  I would be really interested to hear from others who have gym memberships and what the go is.  Is this a sign of the times?  The funny thing is I have been thinking about changing gyms on and off over the last 4-6months as I am thinking I would like to have use of pool but there are a few pro’s for staying put, the main reason being 3 year old enjoys the creche and I can always get him in at a drop of a hat.  One of the other reasons I was thinking of changing is that my experience when asking for a program to cater to my running, the gym instructors/personal trainers aren’t always tuned in to this which then leads me to look up my own exercise 🙄  If I have to start paying to have new programs written up, they would definitely want to make sure that it will in fact compliment my running 😆   

Feeling a Little Blah


exercise:  easy run (The Tan)

10 min brisk walk

31 minutes easy run

20 min walk

I was feeling a tiny bit nauseus before I went out for my run today but I was hoping the fresh air and run would fix it.  You know how sometimes it does??  I went down to the Tan and it was a beautiful morning for running.  There weren’t that many people down there when I arrived at 9.45am but by the time I left it was a little busier.  So off I set 🙂   I only managed to run for 31minutes instead of planned 40 but was happy that I manage to do the Anderson Street hill.  All up I did about 5km so although I was disappointed that I didn’t do what I intended at least I did something.  I felt a real wave of nausea building and just decided to listen to my body and stop.  I was a bit nervous I may throw up 😆  Anyway I didn’t throw up and tummy settled later on in day so I don’t know what that was about.

The plan for next week is to start my sprints and I will do a 40 minute run on the week-end instead of increasing to 45 minutes.  The rate I am going, I think I may have to treat Run to G 10km run as a training one as I am not sure if I could race that distance.  Besides feeling nauseus today, I have really been enjoying my runs and hopefully when I get my orthotics back on Tuesday (I dropped them into Pod today), I will be able to enjoy them even more, niggle free 😀

Is This a Hang-Over??


No gym for me today as my 3year old looked abit pasty to me this morning and he said he felt sick so I thought it might be best to keep him home.  In hind site this was sort of good for me because I didn’t sleep well last night and I am really, really tired so it probably would have been a half hearted effort.  Have to say though I have been eating atrociously today and I think that is a result of one to many red wines last night, I actually feel as though I have a hang-over and it is only Thursday 😳

Jaykay, no it definitely wasn’t your comments so don’t stress 😀  I definitely won’t stay away from forums because quite frankly I am addicted and it is a very hard habit to break 😆  and besides, I love running too much to deprive myself of the great forum.  Sometimes I guess comments can seem entirely different to what was meant , after all its not like communicating face to face, hear tones, see the face and body language etc.  Having said that I did think the first part of one of the replies was bit condescending and didn’t quite grasp what I was getting at but I am old and ugly enough to move on 🙄

Welcome back Sara 😀   I have really missed reading your blog so hurry up and bring us up to speed!!

Great Run but Feeling Like an Ass


exercise:  easy run (treadmill)

10 min brisk walk

30 minute run

10 min walk

Lucky for me I still have my orthotics.  After Tuesdays appointment with Podiatrist he informed me that if I left my orthotics with him that day he wouldn’t be able to get them back to me until the following Tuesday 😯 He is also a runner, so he knew that this would probably not suit and told me to drop them in on Saturday and I can then then pick them up on that same Tuesday (if that makes sense) which means I can still get my three runs in for this week and next week should resume as normal 😀  Have to say I was extremely happy about that!

My run today was really good once again but I have to say tready running can be so boring 🙄   The funny thing is today I remembered my music but I was clock watching like you wouldn’t believe.  I think if I have to use tready in future, it will have to be only for the sprints in 1/2 Marathon training program that I am doing.  Have to say though I felt great and still feel great……I am so glad it feels as though my feet are finally sorting, touch wood.

Will be hitting the gym again tomorrow for cardio and weights, and then Friday will do long run, well 40 minutes if you count that as a long run 😆


Now, I think I may have made a bit of a scene over in the ausrun site today and am feeling rather mixed about it.  I think I was totally misconstrued but nevertheless I feel like a total ass.  I will be laying low for a while on the site in hope that these feelings will pass and I can post again with some form of confidence otherwise I may have to go over to the dark side 😉

Running without Music


exercise:  easy run (treadmill)

10 min brisk walk

30 minute run

10 min cool-down (walk and bike)

Ended up at the gym today and did my run on Mr T.  I wanted to give my legs a break form the street runs that I have been doing and I didn’t really have enough time to go to Princes Park.  I ended up having a really good run once I got settle into it.  I wasn’t sure if I could do full 30 minutes as I had forgotten my earphones for my ipod so I thought I would get really bored.  Having said that, I still did miss my music 😦

Have Podiatrist appointment tomorrow so the plan is to probably go to the gym Wednesday and Thursday, and hopefully will be able to hit the road again in my spanking new adjusted orthotics on Friday 😀

Feeling Good on my Feet


exercise:  easy run

10min brisk walk

35 minute run

10min walk

I decided to run today (Saturday) instead of Sunday because Podiatrist will be keeping my orthotics on Tuesday when I see him.  I figure because I won’t be able to run on the Tuesday if I do it on the Monday, I will have more of a chance of doing my three scheduled runs for the week.  Even if he returns my orthotics to me on Friday I can still do my two remaining runs.  I just hope he gets them back to me pronto!

It was a great run and I can feel my running feet and strenght returning.  The only downful was when I got home, hubby had decided to take the kids to the shops, not thinking about whether I had taken house keys with me, and sure enough, I hadn’t, so had to sit on the front porch for an hour 😆  I was chilled to the bone by the time they returned and couldn’t get into a hot shower quick enough.  I was still cold when I got out and finally warmed up after I had some hot soup!

We have RJ and family coming over tonight and we haven’t seen them in a while.  I am really looking forward to it 😀  Just hope I don’t blow out to much with champer’s and food but if I do, I am not going to beat myself up too much.  I will start fresh again on the Sunday.  Weigh-in is on Monday so fingers crossed I have lost at least 500gms.

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