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Woo hoo, I ran today!! I didn’t get out yesterday as I forgot the Foxtel technician was coming in the morning and I spent the whole morning waiting for him to appear. He finally presented himself at 11.50am so that definitely eliminated a run yesterday. So I booked creche once again and actually made it there today, phew, I was getting worried that I was never going to run again. It felt great!  I ran for a total of 30mins non-stop on an incline of 0.5%.  It was only a 8km/hr pace but it felt really comfortable.  I actually felt great cardiowise which surprised me and I felt as though I had heaps left in me to keep going.  The wise women that I am, firmly stuck to the planned 30minutes with 5min warm-up and 5min cool-down.  I then spent a good deal of time stretching post run and left the gym feeling pretty happy.  I plan to run again on Saturday or Sunday for 30 minutes again but outdoors.

I have decided that from now, I am going to really concentrate on my stretches as I know I tend to slack of in this department and I am going to self massage my calves as they have been really tight over the last couple of weeks even though I haven’t been running.  I think it is still the orthotics at work 🙄   I have been massaging them the last 3-4 days and have felt a definite improvement so I think it needs to be done.  Such a simple thing really but it does get overlooked. 

Anyway, I am one pretty happy munchkin at the moment as I was getting really nervous about fitness etc but now I know I can still run 😀  


Comments on: "Back in the World of Running" (4)

  1. thats great lee.. you must be sooo happy. im going to be much better with stretches too…

  2. Lee, I have found that actually taking stretch breaks when on my run has helped my tight calves. Every couple of kms on some runs I just stop and have a good stretch.

  3. You are back!! So glad you had a good run after all that build up. What is the next race??

  4. Wow 30 mins at such a huge pace after an extended break! I’m impressed. I am soooo worried about what my fitness will be like when I can finally run again. You have given me confidence!!

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