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So much for “Back in the World of Running”, I haven’t ran since, doh!!  Got caught up on the week-end with 5000 phone calls from my sister who is in Perth, and myself concerning my Dad who is in hospital at the moment and it just didn’t eventuate.  Then yesterday I was dressed and ready for run from 7.30am, right down to Mr Polar on shoe and I got caught up in my demanding position of CEO of Domestic Household 😆 Now, today I am just too flippin tired, I so need a Nana nap today it is just not funny but my 3year old will not have a barr of it, typical 🙄

I did get one productive thing done today, I went to see the Podiatrist, and I am now sporting some adjustments on my orthotics.  It seems I have one leg shorter than the other 😳 which is why the sciatica has returned and why I have pain in the right hip as it is overcompensating.  Takes me to have abnormal legs!!  He has also built up the in-steps and the pain that I usually have in the ball of my left foot seems to feel a bit better.  I have to go back in two weeks to see if these adjustments have helped and if so, Pod will make them permanent.  Fingers crossed as I am a little over having niggles everywhere.  I just want to run pain/discomfort free 🙂

So the plan……. I shall run tomorrow, I shall run tomorrow 😀


Comments on: "Doh!!" (3)

  1. Hope all those adjustments make running more comfortable- though I bet you would run in agony right now! Good luck for tomorrow.

  2. Hey Lee, I hope your Dad is okay! Good news that at least you have a diagnosis that may lead to a permanent “cure” for your “niggles”.

  3. hey sciatica sister! that sounds like a start to recovery… dont worry about not running..just more rest days helps get rid of niggles..keep perservering..it will happen.. and i am a massive fan of the nana nap… have them every day I can…
    hope your dad is ok.

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