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It’s a Start


I did another 30 minute run yesterday so that is two runs for the week.  When I ran yesterday, I ran only to time and when I finished, my face was as red as a beetroot.  I think my pace was a bit quicker than normal and I was glad when it was over.  I did enjoy it mostly though, as it was a beautiful afternoon and I really took in the surroundings.  Where I live now I can easy incorporate a lap and half around Edwardes Lake which is nice to run around this time of year.  I am really glad I went and saw the Podiatrist because I have to report back to him in two weeks which means I have to run.  I plan to run around the Tan and surroundings tomorrow and cover 7km’s.    

Next week, I will hopefully start incorporating my gym program twice a week and resume Spin again.  I have decided as long as I do my three runs a week and Spin, I will be happy with that and anything else will be a bonus.  I have found it really hard to get my butt out the door this week but now that I have started hopefully it won’t be as difficult.


Comments on: "It’s a Start" (3)

  1. Hopefully, when you say you were glad that it was over, you mean because you were feeling so good with all those endorphins zooming around in your system! Have a great Mums Day tomorrow!

  2. Wow, happy running 🙂

    It can be so easy to get fixated on all the things we ‘should’ be doing, but just getting out and running for the joy of it is the best of all.

  3. sometimes a 30 minute run is just absolutely perfect..u work hard..and feel exhilarated when its over.. ps im always a little beetroot face..revel in it.. it means u got out there!!!!

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