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No, not the Mother’s Day Classic but my own planned 7km run around the Tan today.  After a lot of dilly dallying around, I ended up down the foot-ball oval with my 3 boys (hubby included) and I was wondering how the hell did that happen, I was suppose to have a Mothers Day run which was promised to me!  Now because I was in full running gear for “just in case”, I thought to myself even though I don’t like doing my long run around the local streets, I guess I could.  So I teed it up with hubby and started to do my 5 minute walking warm-up and I looked over my shoulder and my 3 year old was chasing me down the street 🙄   He wanted to go home so next thing I know, I am in the car with 3 year old going home and left the other two boys at the foot-ball oval 😯   Aaahh well, easy come, easy go, there is always tomorrow I guess.


My eating has been totally atrocious this past month and I have seemed to have slipped into the red wine/champers habit at night, not both at the same time but whichever tickles my fancy at the time 😳   I sit here feeling as though I have put on a hundred kilo’s but I am not keen to check that on scales!  Not good!!  I was thinking back to when this may have happened and it was as soon as we started house hunting and then moving, and of course not running.  I need to get back on track eating/drinking wise and  I am trying to decide whether to do Calorie King or Weight Watchers (that’s count calories or points).  Aaagghhh, decisions, decisions!  Tomorrow, I will start tomorrow because we are going to my Mother-in-Laws for dinner so I couldn’t possibly start today and besides I deserve a Champers tonight because it is after all Mothers Day.  Just have to make sure I finish entire bottle tonight so there is none left for tomorrow for when I start counting whatever 😆


Comments on: "Missed Mother’s Day Run" (3)

  1. I checked the book and confirmed that food consumed on mothers day has no points! Shame about the run, maybe next week. I have been terrible with my eating too so I am going back on the points for a while (then I might get on the scales!).

  2. Bummer about the run. I’ve never joined WW but have used Calorie King. It works for me when I use it. Plus its free so you can spend the $16 a week or whatever WW costs on new running gear 🙂

  3. yep.im starting a healthy eating thing tomorrow..i have to lose a couple of kgs before my best friends wedding.. the scales are scaring me but tomorrow i am going to face up to them..ooh its not gonna be pretty..havent been running properly since run for the kids.

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