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I’m Excited!!


Ok, I think my mojo has returned 😀   Even though I only did 2 runs for the week last week, I have some old goals freshly set again.  The 1st running goal is to run the 10km Run to the G on the 17th June.  I like the looks of the course but have to say I can’t seem to get as excited about this run as I did for Run 4 Kids.  So I have decided this is one of the stepping stone’s to my 2nd running goal and I am now excited about this one.  I am going to run the Melbourne Half Marathon on 7th October this year.  I had a look at the Gold Coast Marathon running diaries under training on their website and it got my attention.  I really liked the 1/2 Marathon training regime and I have now scrapped Runner’s World regime I was going to follow and I am jumping onto this one.  I know I am a shocker alway’s jumping from this on to that one but this got me excited and that is what I need right now 🙄   I am starting tomorrow on week 17.  I printed it out and have stapled it together to make my own little Training Diary booklet and there is even a little section on each page for notes.  I am loving this.  Can’t wait to get started 😀   I know, I know, I am a crazy cat but whatever gets you motivated, right 😉


Comments on: "I’m Excited!!" (3)

  1. Good on you Lee, glad to hear that the mojo has returned.

  2. Good work Lee- I am doing the Melbourne HM with you! Whatever program works for you as long as you can follow it, combine them all and make one up that fits you.

  3. Well done, Lee is all fired up 🙂

    The Run to the G course is reasonably flat too and is a nice scenic tour of melbourne.

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