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Starting Out


 Exercise:  easy run

10 min brisk walk

25 minute run

10 min walk

I ran close to 4km down at Princes Park today and it seemed like an old lost friend.  Haven’t been down there in ages.  I started my Half Marathon training plan today and it felt good.  I am thinking that I will repeat this week again because next week the training plan calls for some sprints and I honestly feel as though I need to get in some more easy runs before I start that.  I noticed today that I was bit huffy and puffy and it has finally dawned on me what the problem is.  I have been feeling really tired at night and falling into bed at almost the same time as we put the kids down 😳   I had this problem last year and it turned out my iron levels were too high, yep, not low but high!  It seems my body is very good at holding onto it and when it does, I become tired and huffy and puffy when I do exercise.  All I need to do is cut back on meat and iron rich foods for a few weeks and it will return to normal.  I am pretty sure that is what is going on so it is chicken tonight 🙄

Tomorrow I plan to hit the gym and do some weights and cardio.  I have been going not to badly with my food intake since starting to count calories yesterday but there is always room for improvement.  I hate counting calories as I always feel bad if I go over.  If I can just keep doing what I am doing, I should be able to lose and the good thing is runjanerun has started a weigh in challenge over the next 6-8 weeks on the ausrun site.  Now that should keep me on my toes as most of you know me so I don’t want to lose face just weight 😆

Comments on: "Starting Out" (2)

  1. Iron levels too high?? I really didn’t think that was possible with us girls- hope it is easily fixed with a bit of chicken!

  2. i have a problem with borderline high iron levels too…. yep the reason i started that topic is cos i dont like to lose face and NOW i have to do it!
    im not good at counting portions though..

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