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Exercise:  Gym

45 mins cardio

Upper weights/Lunges

Good session at the gym today although I did run out of time and didn’t do as much as I wanted.  I arrived a little later than normal as I had to talk to my 9 year old’s teacher about reading and home work before school started.  He is only in grade 3 but I don’t know it all seem’s a little too much at times and is a constant battle at the moment trying to get it all done 🙄  I made a time after school and had a chat to reading teacher and speechie and we have sorted a few things and I feel so much better for it 🙂

Anyway, I had a good session,  sweating all over the cardio machine 😳 I made an appointment for Friday to get my gym program tweaked as I am a little bored with the exercises and hopefully I get an instructor who can give me a good program that will compliment my running.

I have booked the car into the mechanic tomorrow and will drop it off on the way home from school and then I intend to do my run from there.  I feel as if I am on a roll now with diet and exercise.  It usually only takes a couple of days for me once I really decide to pull my head in so I am also feeling pretty good about that.  I just hope it shows up on the scales when I weigh-in on Monday!


Comments on: "Sweating all Over the Place" (1)

  1. I managed to fit in a run around a car service a few weeks ago, then was a bit sheepish standing in reception sweating in front of all the nice people.

    Good to see you back on a roll again.

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