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exercise:  easy run

10 min brisk walk

30 minute run

10 min walk

I dropped the car off at the mechanic this morning and the plan was to run home.  I started my 10 minute warm-up followed by my 30 minute run for the day.  When I finished my run, I started my 10 minute cool-down and it started to sprinkle with rain.  After a huge clap of thunder, it started to pour down with rain and I mean pour!! I found myself getting totally drenched and by the time I arrived home, I looked like a drowned rat 😆 I have to say, I totally loved it!!  Haven’t had that carefree feeling in a long time. 

All my niggles are definitely feeling a lot less with the adjustments on the orthotics.  I don’t actually feel any hip pain while running which is great as I honestly cannot remember when I ran pain free in this area.  The sciatica is ever so slight and not always there so thats another improvement 🙂   I have an appointment with Podiatrist on Tuesday and I will have to leave my orthotics with him 😦   He said he will have them back to me in a couple of days which I hope he does because if he doesn’t, it will interfere with my training regime and now that I am back on a roll I definitely don’t want any interuption’s.


Comments on: "Fabulous Run plus a Drenching" (2)

  1. celeste said:

    Sounds like a great run, and that all is going well for you at the moment. Yay! Hope the pod doesn’t hang onto those orthodics too long!

  2. I adore running in the rain …. I was hoping it would rain tonight on my run but it didn’t 😦

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