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exercise:  easy run (treadmill)

10 min brisk walk

30 minute run

10 min walk

Lucky for me I still have my orthotics.  After Tuesdays appointment with Podiatrist he informed me that if I left my orthotics with him that day he wouldn’t be able to get them back to me until the following Tuesday 😯 He is also a runner, so he knew that this would probably not suit and told me to drop them in on Saturday and I can then then pick them up on that same Tuesday (if that makes sense) which means I can still get my three runs in for this week and next week should resume as normal 😀  Have to say I was extremely happy about that!

My run today was really good once again but I have to say tready running can be so boring 🙄   The funny thing is today I remembered my music but I was clock watching like you wouldn’t believe.  I think if I have to use tready in future, it will have to be only for the sprints in 1/2 Marathon training program that I am doing.  Have to say though I felt great and still feel great……I am so glad it feels as though my feet are finally sorting, touch wood.

Will be hitting the gym again tomorrow for cardio and weights, and then Friday will do long run, well 40 minutes if you count that as a long run 😆


Now, I think I may have made a bit of a scene over in the ausrun site today and am feeling rather mixed about it.  I think I was totally misconstrued but nevertheless I feel like a total ass.  I will be laying low for a while on the site in hope that these feelings will pass and I can post again with some form of confidence otherwise I may have to go over to the dark side 😉


Comments on: "Great Run but Feeling Like an Ass" (5)

  1. Lee you really didn’t make a scene, honestly 🙂

    I hope it wasn’t me who made you feel like an ass 😯

    Please don’t stay away

  2. what scene are you talking about??????..i missed it obviously and i was reading the forums..either that or there was no scene! do not stay away matey..i always like reading your posts..what topic..now i wanna read it 😆

  3. I just read the forum from go to woe and I didn’t think anything of the sort- don’t be silly, I didn’t know how the team thing worked either because the Train Run team thing had different rules as well. Glad you get to keep your orthotics for a few more days!

  4. Gee I wouldn’t rush over to the dark side, seems to me it is a lot more rough and tumble over there!!

  5. Yeah, stay with us, we’d miss you terribly !!!!

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