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Is This a Hang-Over??


No gym for me today as my 3year old looked abit pasty to me this morning and he said he felt sick so I thought it might be best to keep him home.  In hind site this was sort of good for me because I didn’t sleep well last night and I am really, really tired so it probably would have been a half hearted effort.  Have to say though I have been eating atrociously today and I think that is a result of one to many red wines last night, I actually feel as though I have a hang-over and it is only Thursday 😳

Jaykay, no it definitely wasn’t your comments so don’t stress 😀  I definitely won’t stay away from forums because quite frankly I am addicted and it is a very hard habit to break 😆  and besides, I love running too much to deprive myself of the great forum.  Sometimes I guess comments can seem entirely different to what was meant , after all its not like communicating face to face, hear tones, see the face and body language etc.  Having said that I did think the first part of one of the replies was bit condescending and didn’t quite grasp what I was getting at but I am old and ugly enough to move on 🙄

Welcome back Sara 😀   I have really missed reading your blog so hurry up and bring us up to speed!!


Comments on: "Is This a Hang-Over??" (3)

  1. Arrggh, my eating was awful yesterday too. And don’t stay away from the forums 🙂

  2. You’re right this stuff does get addictive doesn’t it!

  3. Oh, you created a ruckus, very good 🙂

    Just teasin’ I think I missed it and had to go back and read the forum to find out what went on. Don’t sweat it, I didn’t know either and was hoping someone would actually answer the question!

    So too much red wine hey, hope you had a good time 😉 What is it with hangovers and bad food, common sense goes out the window.

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