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Feeling a Little Blah


exercise:  easy run (The Tan)

10 min brisk walk

31 minutes easy run

20 min walk

I was feeling a tiny bit nauseus before I went out for my run today but I was hoping the fresh air and run would fix it.  You know how sometimes it does??  I went down to the Tan and it was a beautiful morning for running.  There weren’t that many people down there when I arrived at 9.45am but by the time I left it was a little busier.  So off I set 🙂   I only managed to run for 31minutes instead of planned 40 but was happy that I manage to do the Anderson Street hill.  All up I did about 5km so although I was disappointed that I didn’t do what I intended at least I did something.  I felt a real wave of nausea building and just decided to listen to my body and stop.  I was a bit nervous I may throw up 😆  Anyway I didn’t throw up and tummy settled later on in day so I don’t know what that was about.

The plan for next week is to start my sprints and I will do a 40 minute run on the week-end instead of increasing to 45 minutes.  The rate I am going, I think I may have to treat Run to G 10km run as a training one as I am not sure if I could race that distance.  Besides feeling nauseus today, I have really been enjoying my runs and hopefully when I get my orthotics back on Tuesday (I dropped them into Pod today), I will be able to enjoy them even more, niggle free 😀


Comments on: "Feeling a Little Blah" (4)

  1. I think for me sometimes it is just the “bouncing around” you do while running that makes my stomach object a little bit. Anyway, glad it settled down for you.

  2. Hope your tummy settles down- heaving into the gutter at the Tan surrounded by all those people is not a good look!

  3. celeste said:

    A 30 minute run is still a 30 minute run!!! Sound like you are covering the distance much easier than a few months ago!!

  4. Congratulations on your running. I have recently started running around the TAN at lunch time and am recording my times at MyRunTimes.com. I find it really helps me to keep motivated by have a log of every run I do.

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